The Importance of Responsive Web Designs

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Design and user experience have greatly changed with the emergence of smart phones and tablets that have proliferated with advanced technologies enabling users to browse the web on the go. Web designers and web development companies faced a looming challenge in the form of improvised capabilities of web browsing and still retaining the look and feel of the website akin to desktop browsers. Screen resolutions and interactions are dissimilar with tablets and mobiles. Screen-size, pixel resolutions, flash technology, and optimized markup are essential factors of creating responsive web designs.

RWD intends a typical layout approach and coding to provide optimal viewing experiences, easy navigation, resizing, panning and scrolling. The navigational elements, text and images and other UI elements are created to adjust to mobile sites. With the number of platforms and devices multiplying day by day the growing need for developing a responsive web design has become a fundamental necessity.

Responsive web designs cut ownership costs and eliminate the efforts of maintaining different versions of the same website. Mobile internet traffic is exponentially increasing and people are more comfortable accessing a business on their mobile phone quickly rather than looking for a desktop to arrange accessibility. Content discoverability is one of the foremost features of the success of a business. RWD will enable users to assimilate content through their device at any point in time. Responsive web designs play a great role in creating consistency in user experience in whatever the preferential device is the Android, iPhone, iPad etc. This way a business can create device-specific experiences instead of creating different genres of a website. Google is now recommending search engine rankings for responsive web designs making it an exigent option to strategize the website to feature in searches. If SEO is a core component of a business then mobile-friendly responsive websites cannot be disregarded. Mobile sales have already overshot desktop sales and mobile internet usage is also expected to overshoot desktop internet usage. Google staking almost 70% of the market share of searchers and listeners it is only industry best practice for corporate to embark on developing responsive websites.

In conclusion responsive web designs can provide a wonderful user experience across several devices and resolutions making SEO strategization easier. Mobile SEO till date is the best incorporated strategy in a marketing plan for responsive web designs. RWDs are all set to create positive user experiences with all the appeal packed into it.

WordPress Sites – Achieving Organic Rankings – PART 2

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In the last part we saw why WordPress is the best CMS to achieve organic rankings. In this part, we will see how to achieve organic rankings using WordPress.

WordPress by itself is fairly optimized system and every page is indexed but there are a few things that could make organic rankings better than it already is:

Optimizing Titles:

The <title> tag is the first line that everyone sees in the search results. There is always more weightage for the early words. If the required keywords appear in the beginning of the title, the ranking would improve. For titles and headings, the post title or blog name should only be <h1> in the front page. Cramming sidebars with <h2> and <h3> should be definitely avoided. The post.php and page.php templates are easy to edit this way.


This is a very popular modification advocated for most WordPress SEOs and is seen right below the title on the page. The default permalink is ?p=<posted>. Though it is advised to always use /category/post-name/ and incase the category has to be included then /%category$/%postname%/ is a better option.

Optimizing Descriptions:

Descriptions are seen in the form of a snippet right below the permalinks URL. When automated descriptions are filled they are may be an introductory sentence and do not convey anything. But a custom-written description will have the right amount of keywords with enticing text for potential visitor to stay on the page.

Content and Backlinks:

Writing excellent content with keywords and engaging with other bloggers can do a lot of good for the website SEO. Backlinks are extremely good to boost the rankings of a website. A top ranking link is bound to have more links than a site that ranks lower. Spending time to build links into a website can boost SEO.

Tagging and Categorization:

One of the most ignored activities is categorization. Diligent tagging and categorization of the posts will increase user engagement as well as invigorate online SEO. Keywords are grasped better by Google by examining the site for relevance.

The Preferred Domain:

It is imperative to decide how the site should show up on Google search. Is it just or Settings -> General will provide the general version to show up which is just By changing the settings to the ‘preferred domain’ the site can appear with the favoured ‘www.’ prefix. This has to be changed in the Google search console as well.

Of course, WordPress and SEO are a vast subject and its never enough to talk about them. But at the outset, an experienced web design company can implement the above to achieve the most out of an already premier platform to gain more.

Benefits Of Brainstorming Keywords For Your Website And App

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Brainstorming for keywords is the process of generating root keyword ideas. These root keywords are what you will plug into the Google Adwords Keyword Tool or other keyword research tools to generate additional ideas and eventually select an single keyword to target for your niche site.

Use The Google Adwords Keywords Planner

Formerly known as Google Adwords Keyword Tool, the Keyword Planner is great for generating new keywords and finding related keywords. But the true value of this tool lies in providing good keyphrases using your current keyword list. Input the brainstormed list complemented with the competitors’ keywords in the tool to get even more keywords and keyphrases.

An Edge Over Competitors’ Keywords

Even if you have not yet released your app, considering that over 1.3 million apps are available in the App Store, it is highly likely that some are already competing for your future users. First of all, list your competitors. Search the store for apps with similar functionality and theme. Then, look for ones with the same art style. With games, find all major apps with the same mechanics. Consider any ones that your target audience might download as well as ones similar to yours.

Search Suggestions

Another simple way to find valuable keywords and keyphrases is by typing in keywords, letter by letter, in a search engine and waiting for the autocomplete to offer suggestions. The top two search engines to use are Google (on a incognito window), for it is popularity and quality, and the App Store, for its relevance; after all, your users will be using it to find your app.

In the end, these tools are there to help you—they won’t generate the perfect list. Although you must do this process with an open mind, there has to be a minimum level of relevance. There’s no point adding “fish” to a camera app or racing game. Unless you manage to make an app for underwater photographers, or… Fish racing? As you can see, it’s a case by case scenario.

The Thin Line Between Search Engine Optimization And Spam

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Keyword stuffing is the term for the website being banned by major search engines due to hyper active search engine optimization activity. The team behind the search engine optimization will not get to know about this consideration by the search engine till they are being banned or labelled as spam. So, it will be best to prevent such consideration as spam. Let us know more about the keyword stuffing and how to prevent it from happening.

The Web Of Spamdexing

The search engine optimization team ought to be careful during their activities. The major search engines have well set guidelines to optimize and market their website or product. The spamdexing is an important pitfall where even many experts fall into. While doing indexing and other such activities related search engine optimization, they tend to over do it. The final result will be that of spamdexing. It is a web, and if once caught it becomes difficult to get that label removed.

Spamming The Social Media

The social media marketing is also an important and associate activity of SEO, whereas it acts on a different platform. The social media too is sensitive, and labels a page or account as spam when the owner tries to over use it. The social media tends to block the particular account completely on detecting spam. So, in a way social media should be handled with more care than that of search engines. The blocking is at times done in social media if the particular page is being spammed by multiple users. So, the SEO team should also be careful not to disturb other users.

Mismatch Between Title And Content

The meta keywords, description and title are what the search engines get to see and scan. So, usually the content is being readied by a dedicated creative team whereas the title and meta attributes are done by the SEO team. The SEO team doesn’t get to know the actual purpose of the content and they only consider getting the page ranked higher and how to get more traffic. This will mislead the users at times. This will lead to quick back button and lesser time spent on the page. Search engines will detect this and label the website.

Thus the line between the search engine optimization activities and getting labelled as spam or getting blocked is getting thinner. The experts should gauge their activity every once in a while to safely get away from this. But the search engines and social media do provide more chances to correct the work done. So there are chances to get the error corrected.

Secrets Tips to top your site

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Are you worried about the “No traffic” to your website? Do you want to make your site more popular? Unless your webpage is seen among the top results of a search engine, nobody will know that your webpage exists. Internet already consists millions of websites and hundreds of websites are created every day. Hence, it is quite tricky to bring your site in the list of top search results. Here are some secret tips to top your site

Tip #1: Content
Content rules the world of webs. Hence, appropriate contents should be added by maintaining uniqueness and originality. In addition to this, the content should be regularly updated along the time frame. If the contents of your website are updated frequently, visitors have another reason to return and bookmark your site and search engine crawlers will visit your site more often.
Make sure that you add little content at least if your website only sells products. If yours is a selling site, then you can add user reviews, product description etc. which make the website visitors to rely on your site for more information thereby increasing the traffic towards your site.

Secret #1
The first paragraph of your content determines the effectiveness of your site. Search engines catch the first paragraph and the readers eyes first move to the start of the content. Hence place important keywords into this paragraph and making sure it is well written so that it can help improve your rank and will decrease your bounce rate.
Apart from all the content, it is highly important to add catchy relevant pictures. The more attractive and colorful the pictures are, more is the interest of the visitors in your site.

Tip #2: Domain Name and Title
For any website to be published, a domain name is required. Make sure to choose a trendy and tipsy domain name so that the users can remember your site easily.
Most of the search engines use the web page title to display search results. Hence, be smart enough to put the keywords in the title of every page of your site.

Secret#2: Putting all the keywords into one single sentence will increase the promotion of your website or blog.

Tip #3: URL
When linking to your webpage or folder on your web page make sure to end the URL with a slash. For example, and both point to the same address. However, the link without the slash causes the server to redirect the request, which will slightly decrease the load time and may decrease your page rank. Keep in mind this is only done for directories and not for files.

Secret #3: Navigation and layout
A visitor will quit immediately if he is unable to navigate through your website. Studies have shown the typical view time when first visiting a page is two to four seconds, visitors who do not immediately realize how to navigate the site or see what they want will immediately leave. Internet users know that if your page does not have what they are trying to find there is plenty of others that will.
In addition to all this, make sure that the main page links to all sub pages and vice versa. To make navigation more easy use custom search engine scripts that can reduce the navigation and search time of your visitor.

Tip#4: Follow the KISS concept
KISS (Keep it Simple and Short) is a popular concept for reminding people and companies to keep their information and products simple. Rarefly always tries to adhere to the KISS principle. Below are some general KISS principles to follow when designing a website, software program, or other product.
KISS your Website

• Keep your layout spotless, reliable, easy to read, and easy navigate for all types of visitors.
• Don’t overload the website with images, Flash, and other distractions.
• All primary content should be on the first page. Avoid any vertical scroll to see primary content and never make the user scroll horizontally.
• Break up text. All text everywhere on website should be broken into easy to read paragraphs and sections.
• Make the primary sections of your website and search accessible with a navigation bar or links on each of the pages

Finally grade your website or blog by using online tools such as nibbler, Alexa or URL appraiser.
While these tips are sure to make your way to the top results of search engines, there are many more thing that experts can help you out with. Rarefly is one of the forge in building websites that can divert a huge traffic to your website.

How to Professionally Participate in Forums?

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A lot of people are interested in forum commenting and participation. Forums are great ways to bring in traffic to your website without spending a penny. Plus you get to learn more about the niche you are dealing with. There are also other advantages that keep forums evergreen. But, the point to be noted is that you must talk like a pro and be confident like you own the joint. Ah! Now this statement has made it look all the more complex. Just chill! I’ll tell you how to do it effectively.

  • Read the terms and conditions properly before you start posting or replying to threads. This will help you get a clear idea of what you are supposed to do and not to do. However, the most ignored page is the terms and conditions page on all web services. But, when you do something that is not according to the terms you agreed to while signing up, you may even be banned from the forum which will create bad reputation. Therefore, read the terms and conditions properly before signing up.
  • Choose the right niche. Find out if the forum deals with the topics you specialize in. This will help you participate more in the discussions. However, you may even become part of forums that are not your niches in order to develop knowledge on it. But, bear in mind that it won’t help you get traffic to your website. Also, knowing what you are talking about will help you give confident replies and give insights to others which will in turn draw attention. After all this is why you are there on the forum.
  • Design a catchy signature. Many forums have restrictions on the type of signature you can have. However, they allow for phrases in the signature line. You can have an attention grabber there and link it to your website. This will help you get more audience for your own website easily. You must also ensure that your signature line is not adorned with flowery words but real promises and powerful verbs in order to get your readers click on the link.
  • Let your landing page deliver exactly what you promise in the signature line. This will ensure that people will have a satisfactory experience and have more trust on you. When they trust you, they will check out for your replies and threads in the forums and start interacting with you. On the other hand, if you design a signature line just to grab attention which actually doesn’t serve the purpose, then people who click on the link and visit your website will only feel manipulated, which is very dangerous for your reputation.
  • Always reply courteously. This is of utmost importance. There are many people who participate solely for the sake of trolling. Learn how to handle trolls effectively in order to keep up your reputation. Try to explain politely why you are right. The statement, “Do not raise your voice but improve your argument” comes handy to explain this point more clearly. What you need to handle trolls is not use rude words or sarcasm but handle it smartly in such a way that will explain more about you to the readers.

These are some of the ways in which you can easily gain more traffic for your website. Also, you can get a vast knowledge on the niche by participating in forums which will have a positive impact on the content you generate for your website. Plus, you can establish a network of contacts who trust you for solutions to their issues. Also, you can learn a lot of new and important things you will not be able to learn otherwise. Thus, forum participation and commenting becomes a two-way beneficial process that will help you in the long run. All the best with your forum hunt!

SEO strategies that can hurt your website rankings

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The crucial role played by SEO in the success of a website cannot be emphasized enough. It can make a significant difference to the search engine ranking of a website, provided it involves ethical strategies.

In an attempt to get their websites ranked higher, many individuals incorporate SEO practices which can do more harm than good. Here is a list of some SEO strategies, which should better be avoided if your do not want to hurt your website rankings:

•Stuffing keywords – Keywords are an integral part of the content written for SEO purposes. Keywords are the phrases that the users type in search engines, to get information about a specific topic. Overuse of these keywords can make the content sound unnatural. Your focus should be on incorporating the keywords naturally in your content; otherwise it will displease the audiences, as well as search engines.

• Irrelevant content – The content of your website reflects its credibility and expertise in your industry. Placing irrelevant content will only deter the users and make your site seem useless. Therefore the content should be well written and contain useful information regarding the relevant topic. Keeping in mind the preferences and interest of your audiences is also crucial.

• Excessive text links – Text link is a specific word or phrase which you hyperlink to another website URL. It is essential for SEO, but using too many text links can prove detrimental for your website, making it appear unnatural. Rather than adding too many text links to one or two keywords, it is better to add different links to various keywords.

• Buying links – Paying for links was considered one of the easiest methods to get better ranking in search engines till some time back, however not any more. Most of these sites are not reputable and have no relevance to your particular industry. The quality of back links and the sites from where these links are generated is very important for good SEO.

• Comments – Along with back links, writing comments on different forums and communities is also a part of SEO. However, badly written comments, having no relevance to the actual content, are considered as spam. Such comments are not approved and add no value or credibility to your site. Make sure that the comments you post on other websites and the ones posted by others on your website are genuine.

By avoiding the above mentioned SEO strategies and adopting ethical practices, can surely enhance the visibility and credibility of your website, not only among your audiences but on search engines as well.

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