Prediction Of Social Media Marketing For 2015

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With a lot of social media platforms to choose from, you pretty much have to know where you are going before you embark on your journey to get your social media game right. So, where are we heading towards in 2015? While we get our hands on various national and global brands, these predictions are an accumulative personal perspective of what we have experienced.

Pay To Survive On Facebook

As the headline suggests, Facebook is not free anymore! To reach every individual who will make sense you will have to pay. Concentrate on images with 20% text rule! Post less, but post good and allocate a budget per post (precisely a very targeted reach). If you are still investing in a Like Campaign – ensure they are mainly re-targeted or you build a custom audience for the same (build more relevant community than bringing random likes to your pages). Create a content quotient; what is that one thing that will bring people to your page? As the saying goes, it is always first in the mind and then in the market. That ‘one thing’ to change ones perception about a product or a service really does matter.

Blogging Will Get A Priority

Best content is the best SEO! With time, brands will switch from less Facebook or LinkedIn posts to more blog posts. End of the day, driving traffic to website is what social media channels are also focusing on through their ads or content means. So, if your brands have hired SEO professionals or outsourced the same, remember a customized WordPress corporate blog will add a lot of value to your SEO strategies.

Linkedin Contacts Will Help For Lead Generation will become mandate for Business Development Executives, especially in the b2b space! Growing LinkedIn network will only have LinkedIn Contacts and LinkedIn Advanced Search as solutions for better networking with existing contacts. Growing your LinkedIn network at first level will become important for better search at the 2nd and 3rd degree connections + to give better visibility to on-platform publishing. Marketers will consider re-publishing their blog posts on LinkedIn platform.

After the Google+ Authorship was removed, Google+ for brands will become another content dumping platform. A great SlideShare profile can help showcase your expertise and build thought leadership. Twitter is lately innovating the advertisement opportunities. Instagram has gone so mainstream that it is more than just a place to share photos.

Indian Digital Marketing Trends For 2015

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Digital marketing is an impulsive, erratic, and volatile industry. The moment you catch the tiger by the tail, there’s a new tiger whose fugacious tail requires catching. Keeping up with a changeable industry seems like a fool’s errand. The digital marketing in India is still emerging and the trends in this field is almost same throughout the world. Let us review some of the key trends for the 2015 year.

Dominance Of Google Will Lessen

After more than a decade of domination, however, it may be on the decline. Up-and-comers like Duck Duck Go aren’t anywhere near dethroning Google GOOGLE +0.40%. What their rise indicates is that consumers want alternatives — a choice not to depend on Google if they don’t have to. Marketers should take heed. Google is one basket, but it doesn’t deserve all your marketing eggs. Search engine optimization is important, but a searcher can accomplish her goal through more means than just Google.

Social Media Conversion Is Increasing

Enough has been said about the power of social networks. Not quite enough as been said about the importance of social conversions. For ecommerce and lead generation sites, social provides a growing opportunity to improve conversion rates and gain new conversion channels.

More Businesses Opt For Paid Advertisement

Whether you like it or not, you’re going to need to pay for advertising spots. PPC might be dying, but there is also the advent of alternative forms of paid advertising taking its place. Consider Buzztala for instance. Although they provide “organic video ads,” they are still ads. And they still cost money. Rising methods of organic/paid advertising are entering into the marketing methods of some brands, signaling a growing trend.

This list of online trends might sound intimidating. In spite of your fears, go boldly forward. Wrapped up in success is always the risk of failure. I would never advise closing your eyes and jumping headfirst into a trend. The digital marketing space is too fickle for that. I would, however, recommend giving these trends a respectful nod and cautious experimentation. You’ll never know the upside until you give it a try.

Tips To Help You Out With Visual Storytelling

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Your content can generate up to 94% more views if you add compelling visual elements and graphics. To make visual storytelling work, you can’t simply slap a few stock photos onto your blog or social media posts. Just as headlines and calls to action must be crafted carefully, your visual content deserves more than a second thought. Your target customers will form their own interpretations and first impressions based on the visuals you choose to put before them. A consistent strategy also creates a connective thread, leaving visual bread crumbs across your social, website, blog, etc., for your audience to easily identify you. By including visuals in your marketing, you are adding sensory keys to clue in your audience on what you’re trying to say.


If the popularity of selfies and emojis are any indication, we’re a world of visually driven content consumers. That’s why it’s easy for most people to spot fake or poor attempts by brands to capture their attention. Audiences want real, candid moments – not cheesy stock or promotional photos. As a marketer, you want to tap into your audience’s emotions, and say something that is significant and relevant.


A good image not only pleases the eye, but it stimulates all the senses. Images go beyond communicating a place or thing – they can create warmth, evoke nostalgia, or instill modernity.


We all like to look at photos and videos that are pretty, interesting, moving, or even breathtaking. Even if your imagery hits one of those marks, that doesn’t necessarily make it relevant for your audience. Think about whether an image will speak to your end users and fit in with their values and mindset.

You don’t have to be a natural artist or designer to create a gorgeous visual identity for your brand. Listen to your gut. Go with images that feel relevant and authentic to your brand and your audience, that make you feel things and represent the people with whom you’re trying to connect, and will help you create a winning first impression for your content.

Benefits Of Brainstorming Keywords For Your Website And App

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Brainstorming for keywords is the process of generating root keyword ideas. These root keywords are what you will plug into the Google Adwords Keyword Tool or other keyword research tools to generate additional ideas and eventually select an single keyword to target for your niche site.

Use The Google Adwords Keywords Planner

Formerly known as Google Adwords Keyword Tool, the Keyword Planner is great for generating new keywords and finding related keywords. But the true value of this tool lies in providing good keyphrases using your current keyword list. Input the brainstormed list complemented with the competitors’ keywords in the tool to get even more keywords and keyphrases.

An Edge Over Competitors’ Keywords

Even if you have not yet released your app, considering that over 1.3 million apps are available in the App Store, it is highly likely that some are already competing for your future users. First of all, list your competitors. Search the store for apps with similar functionality and theme. Then, look for ones with the same art style. With games, find all major apps with the same mechanics. Consider any ones that your target audience might download as well as ones similar to yours.

Search Suggestions

Another simple way to find valuable keywords and keyphrases is by typing in keywords, letter by letter, in a search engine and waiting for the autocomplete to offer suggestions. The top two search engines to use are Google (on a incognito window), for it is popularity and quality, and the App Store, for its relevance; after all, your users will be using it to find your app.

In the end, these tools are there to help you—they won’t generate the perfect list. Although you must do this process with an open mind, there has to be a minimum level of relevance. There’s no point adding “fish” to a camera app or racing game. Unless you manage to make an app for underwater photographers, or… Fish racing? As you can see, it’s a case by case scenario.

Latest Trends of Newsletter E-Mail Marketing

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Latest trends of Newsletter E-Mail Marketing

Though many years have passed by since email marketing started, still the personal feel associated with them hasn’t faded away. Another exclusive attribute is the ability of newsletter to form a personal connect with the readers en masse by sending to a bulk group. It reveals the human face of an organization. The marketing content, when limited to a certain extent results with extraordinary conversion rate. Let us see the evolution of email newsletter and its upcoming trends.

It Is Not Only the Content That Matters

The email marketing during its initial phase had the singular motive of conveying the right information. Then came the presentation, then the engaging content. Now-a-days even if your email marketing content is good and engaging, the design of the newsletter will only interest the reader and make him read the write-up without trashing or neglecting it. When the designing part is taken into consideration, the ribbons usage is a thing of the past. The design should be adaptive and responsive.

Link It with Overall Marketing Strategy

The email newsletter marketing has no purpose as a standalone marketing step. Its real purpose is achieved only when the desired call-to-action is done by the user. Another thing is that the landing page of the email newsletter in most cases will be the only page which the user sees. So it should be utilized to its maximum extent. The other marketing measures should act with and along with the newsletter campaign.

Newsletter Campaign Is Worth Its Effort

The newsletter campaigns are not that easy to pull it off, but if it is executed successfully will reap rich benefits. The address book ought to be customized afresh for each and every campaign. Using the same set of email addresses for all set of campaigns will turn out to be redundant. Optimizing the content and address book simultaneously will improve the conversion rate.

Personalize the Email, At Least Pretend

The email newsletter was first thought as a replacement of mail marketing. So initially it had the same personal touch, greeting message as like mail. But in due course that particular aspect completely changed. The bulk email campaign became the norm because of the effort which personalization demanded. But the personalization will become highly beneficial. So at least naming the person, his city will interest the reader a bit.

Video Emails Are On the Rise

The video emails are another way of interesting the reader and giving a personal feel to the mail. The habit of viewing videos frequently and the YouTube visitor count is continuously on the rise for quite some years. So anything that involves video at least makes the reader to click on the content and get to know the full content. At last, the thing is that most email newsletters are sent, because they asked for it. So, as the marketing campaigner don’t make them regret the decision to subscribe. The email newsletter may not be prime marketing tool at present, but it definitely is one of the tools to reckon.

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The elusive return on Investment in Social media

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The social media management and marketing is slowly picking up pace with the increasing number of users and the increasing number of social networking sites. So the companies are vying to book their slot in the social media platform and cement their social media reputation by building a strategy. The social media, primarily Facebook is encouraging sponsored ads in place of free pages, profiles. So the companies invest in the Social media marketing, where some witness easy return of investment, whereas some finds that return of interest in very less proportion.

Increasing prevalence of Social media in local business

The people are more and more opting for social media for deciding their business needs. In order to cater to them, increasing number of small and medium level enterprises are going social in addition to going mobile in terms of their service. Apart from the small and medium sized firms, large corporate giants and big companies are performing their own social media marketing for building up and maintaining their brand value.

Need to invest in multiple social networking platforms

The sole authority of Facebook no longer holds true. An Increasing number of social networking sites are gaining relevance and user base in various geographic locations and user profile. So the social media budget has increased due to this issue too. To shortlist and select the most profitable social network is becoming a challenge now-a-days.

Quality Content becomes costlier

The simple investment in social media marketing definitely is not seeing a good return on investment. Only along with the engaging content which grasps the user attention the social marketing strategy completes and becomes profitable. Another issue is here the firms mulling over whether to go for a professional and permanent content writer, or outsource the writing work to a freelancer. Based on their specificities and social marketing budget, they finally resort to either of the two ideas.

Real-time Marketing has an edge

But the increasing share of social media management and marketing is that the real time results and real time marketing are high on this platform. This attracts those who are looking for quick gains and returns. Another market reality is that the spending in the social media is on the rise with no second thoughts. This raises another issue of distribution of that spend both geographic wise and user profile wise. Getting to know these trends, the social media management and marketing can be made more focused.

The actual spend on the social media marketing is on the rise continuously for consecutive years. The issue here is that while some find favorable return on investment, some others do not. If the case study on these predictions is carried over in detail, then the method to gain that higher return on investment can be found out.

Build Your Business using Google Business Listing

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Using Google’s business listing is one of the easiest ways to get the attention of potential customers. Once you optimize your profile, you don’t have to worry about it until you need changes and that isn’t something you will have to do frequently. Optimally built, your business will show up whenever a user is searching for products you sell. And all that for free! Who will not want to use this free service from the most used search engine? Get your business now on Google’s business listing and enjoy the perks of more visibility your business will get as a result. But, wait before you move on. Learn how to build a strong profile to actually be visible for local searchers.

Read the Guidelines:

It is essential that you read the guidelines before filling out the details. This will help you stick to the rules Google wants you to and you can be on Google’s good books. Not only that, you can have the advantage of knowing the rules. When it comes to improvising visibility for your business, it’s always good to play safe instead of messing with the search engine’s rules. It’s because, your ad may be penalized if it isn’t designed according to the rules. After all it takes just a few minutes to read the quality guidelines.

Provide Complete Information:

When you start filling out the fields to create your account, it is highly tempting to finish it as soon as possible by skipping fields. But, remember that that more information you provide, better are the chances to get more visibility. It’s because Google follows high standards when it comes to the quality of information it serves to its users. Therefore, if you provide a lot of information related to your business, Google will consider showing your business whenever a user searches for similar services/products in your locality.

Give Useful Information:

One of the biggest advantages of Business Listings is that you get to talk to the viewers through the description. As you have other places where you can tell your customers about your location, use this space to communicate more information about your products or services instead of repeating the same information you’ve filled out. Write a meaningful and helpful description which will tell potential customers the actual information they want to know about your business. Providing information that will help them whether or not they want to visit your shop or business will serve the purpose of the listing well.

Upload Relevant Pictures:

Another advantage is that you can show real proof of what your business facility is like. You can upload pictures and videos of your business and let customers know what it is going to be like to buy your products or avail your services. This will help potential customers decide whether or not they want to transact with you. Also, you get a good opportunity to get the attention of users to the right things that will bring them to your business. Therefore, upload only relevant pictures that will provide users a virtual experience of being at your shop.

Get Customer Feedback:

You also have the option of getting feedback from your customers on the page. Not all customers will be willing to spend time online and write a review for your business. However, get some people to write a feedback on your listing whenever you get an opportunity for that. You can also hand them customized business cards with a link where they could provide their reviews. Make sure you don’t miss any happy customer from registering their reviews 😉 as this could benefit you by getting you more positive rating.

These are some of the ways in which you can get your business listed on Google Business Listing and benefit from it for free. People who search the listings are actually in need of a product or service similar to yours. Therefore, there are high chances of them transacting with you if they find it satisfactory. Never underestimate the value it adds to your efforts just because it is very easy to get listed. Optimize it well and see the magic.

6 Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategies

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Social media marketing is taking new dimensions every day. Social networks have opened the door for companies where they can easily interact with their customers. However, you should choose your strategies very carefully so that your online presence can help you make the most of the opportunities presented to you. Here are some tips to boost your social media marketing efforts and returns.

Organize Virtual Events:

You might have found big businesses announcing virtual events for their customers. This might have created an impression that only such big corporations could have such big events virtually. The truth is that any organization can do that. All you need is a social presence which will let your customers interact with others freely. This will help you discover more businesses and customers with different needs and help you realize the potential you could tap in the near future.

Experiment with New Strategies:

This is one basic rule followed by companies who engage in social media marketing. It’s true that you need to keep changing the strategies from time to time in order to face the new challenges. You can make new strategies and follow them for different goals. Once the goals are achieved, it’s time to change the strategies you are following. Also, you will have to choose the strategies wisely every time you are trying to change them. Keep in mind the new goals and the challenges associated with meeting the goals while formulating strategies.

Identify Loyal Customers:

It is essential to identify customers who are loyal to your brand. It is through them that you are going to get a considerable portion of your new customers. Even Facebook allows you to interact with those customers who often like or comment on your posts frequently. Therefore, identify who are talking about your products and design custom promotional activities for them. This will not only help you keep their loyalty to your brand intact but also encourage them to bring in more people to your arena. Though it is not an easy task, it is worth all the effort it takes.

Choose Your Media:

It is also important to choose the right media for your business. Do not create accounts on all social networks you hear about. This will cost you in terms of time and energy. Therefore, do some background research before choosing a media. Try and find out if your potential customers are there on the network and if you will be able to reach them effectively using the features the network offers you and if you have the necessary resources to meet the need to keep up with the needs. Otherwise, choose just a few most popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

Identify Primary Goals:

It is essential to set goals before taking to social media marketing. When your goals are analyzed, they could boil down to a few primary goals such as brand awareness, customer service, sales improvement, and so on. While these are just what you want to achieve, you should have particular goals that clearly tell you what you want to achieve and when is the deadline. Setting deadlines for short-term goals is of utmost importance to succeed in social media marketing.

Do the New:

Yes, you are presented with a tremendous task. However, you can make it easier for you to succeed by trying new ways. Following the same strategies that the other businesses follow will take you nowhere. Do the new and try to make it work for you. You can try to benchmark the policies followed by businesses in other industries. This could help you identify new ways of marketing your products or find new leads. Also, this will help you see your market from a whole new angle.

These are some of the strategies that will help you succeed in your social media marketing. It’s never too late to think of a start-over if you have been facing failures in the past. Happy networking!