Attracting Clients Through Case Studies and Portfolios

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There may be several marketing strategies that can be adopted to attract clients which may be part of the essential marketing and digital marketing plan. When businesses try to choose the best web design company for themselves they first look at the portfolio of a company and their case studies to understand how the web design and development enterprise can actually help them. Designing a portfolio and presenting case studies of work done and process implementation in the past can be compelling. Portfolios are critical for web design companies that are looking for potent exposure of their work especially when they wish to expand and expound their brand value. Portfolios are one of the most powerful tools that can guide potential customers with regard to the benefits of choosing a particular web design company. In fact a portfolio display is often regarded as part of the sales process and if designed well can actually force the customer to look through it fully. Case studies for designs can serve as a presentation of the project thereby leading the potential customer to a call to action. Some key elements that can be included in the case studies are:

Screen shots

Images of the work done along with detailed information on project objectives and execution should be included. There could be multiple screen shots instead of just one.

Project overview

A description of the project, its scope and objectives can lead visitors to the company’s portfolio. Customers with similar project requirements can get additional information about the company and its ability to implement the project. The project goals and objectives along with the creative strategy and success metrics can also be detailed.


Listing the details of the services provided by the web design company especially when multiple other teams were involved and the role of the web developing team as part of the project can be helpful. The importance and success of the end result is also to be highlighted.


As ignorant as it may seem, testimonials carry a lot of weight. Potential customers wanting of web design and development services will always review the web design company’s client testimonials, their number and quality of service provided.

Having a meaningful overview for non-readers which is short and precise so that customers can take a quick look and scan through them is always recommended. Describing the reason behind the process and the decision to choose a design, code or content can go a long way by helping the customer understand the company’s services and balance it with their own requirements.

In conclusion, consistent work generation can be achieved by a web design company by documenting their processes and case studies that speak for themselves.


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Human beings are used to evolution and so are they used to the evolving trends of digital marketing. As the network grows and reaches out to a global audience, so do businesses find different ways of marketing their products. New user preferences would mean to develop a successful online marketing strategy that will help businesses establish their optimal digital and physical presence.

Some of the trends that can be seen in 2016 are:

Social media impact: Email marketing and social media interactions take the cake when reaching out to audiences. The platforms are compelling and persuasive content draws the customer towards the product to know more. Requesting customers to sign up to the business’ social media channels will build a strong relationship between the enterprise and the customer.

Conceptual and contextual content: Contextual content goes beyond personalization and responds to customer behavior rather than just a need query. Conceptual content is topic-focused and mobile-compatible. Online habits and social preferences of the prospects are tracked thus enabling real-time and engaging marketing activity.

Podcasts: Digital audio podcasts that are made available for download on portable media and adding customer subscription to it can leverage advertising. It is one of the most powerful ways of building customer loyalty.

PPC: Pay-per-click internet advertising is extremely helpful in redirecting traffic from the publisher to the advertiser. One of the most popular forms is the search engine advertising that can generate enough clicks into the business’ website.

Automation: Automating marketing saves time and improves productivity. By analyzing and identifying loop holes the business can schedule emails, segment contacts, manage content and automate social media. The technique reaches out to a wider audience and in no time.

Video advertising: Though video advertising is not new, it is all set to capture attention in 2016. With increase in customer awareness and perception, video ads will now be looked up to for more audio visual information especially for products that are better expressed through the media.

Mobile apps: Mobile application is bound to make the rounds and more so now, with Google changing their algorithm to reward mobile friendly websites. Mobile apps are responsive and can be customized to real-time convenience for individual users. 2016 will prove as a turning point for businesses as they personalize their apps.

Virtual reality: Still catching on businesses have now started paying attention to this new strategy where specific applications (more like video games) will be built for head-mounted display. VR is a new form of online advertising which is bound to gain popularity through video, social media platforms and messaging.

Along with the new trends, 2016 sees more investment in advertising and competitive marketing. Digital marketing investments will grow and will be poised for greater impact. With emerging technology comes emerging ideas and these trends will be integrated in no time. It will be a new challenge for web design companies across the globe.

The Importance of Responsive Web Designs

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Design and user experience have greatly changed with the emergence of smart phones and tablets that have proliferated with advanced technologies enabling users to browse the web on the go. Web designers and web development companies faced a looming challenge in the form of improvised capabilities of web browsing and still retaining the look and feel of the website akin to desktop browsers. Screen resolutions and interactions are dissimilar with tablets and mobiles. Screen-size, pixel resolutions, flash technology, and optimized markup are essential factors of creating responsive web designs.

RWD intends a typical layout approach and coding to provide optimal viewing experiences, easy navigation, resizing, panning and scrolling. The navigational elements, text and images and other UI elements are created to adjust to mobile sites. With the number of platforms and devices multiplying day by day the growing need for developing a responsive web design has become a fundamental necessity.

Responsive web designs cut ownership costs and eliminate the efforts of maintaining different versions of the same website. Mobile internet traffic is exponentially increasing and people are more comfortable accessing a business on their mobile phone quickly rather than looking for a desktop to arrange accessibility. Content discoverability is one of the foremost features of the success of a business. RWD will enable users to assimilate content through their device at any point in time. Responsive web designs play a great role in creating consistency in user experience in whatever the preferential device is the Android, iPhone, iPad etc. This way a business can create device-specific experiences instead of creating different genres of a website. Google is now recommending search engine rankings for responsive web designs making it an exigent option to strategize the website to feature in searches. If SEO is a core component of a business then mobile-friendly responsive websites cannot be disregarded. Mobile sales have already overshot desktop sales and mobile internet usage is also expected to overshoot desktop internet usage. Google staking almost 70% of the market share of searchers and listeners it is only industry best practice for corporate to embark on developing responsive websites.

In conclusion responsive web designs can provide a wonderful user experience across several devices and resolutions making SEO strategization easier. Mobile SEO till date is the best incorporated strategy in a marketing plan for responsive web designs. RWDs are all set to create positive user experiences with all the appeal packed into it.

The Importance Of Digital Marketing

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The internet is no longer a technical wonder. It is now a business MUST. People have continuous access to information anywhere and at any time. The mobile revolution has provided individuals with the convenience of readily available information at their fingertips. As the world gradually shifts from analogue to digital, users are consuming digital data forcing businesses to adapt to digital marketing strategies and search engine optimization for greater visibility and business conversions. Digital media and digital marketing services are all set to change the face of marketing from old and redundant traditional methods to new conceptual ideas.

80% of the digital customers do an online research before buying from a company. Digital purchasing choices vary according to company listings on Google. More than 40% of the customers will choose a company that is displayed first in the listings, and more than 20% will choose a company that is listed second place. Knowing the power of digital marketing and SEO services, older marketing and communication techniques such as newspapers and magazines may seem dispensable with newer and grown-up methodologies such as mobile internet marketing. E-commerce business market zones exhibit greater choice of products and services that may have proven costly with limited physical resources. The reality is digital marketing is fast, streamlined, practical and offers higher alternatives to potential consumers. Even with the gap between the digital haves and the have-nots are shrinking, businesses have realized the need to be more reachable and informative.

Digital marketing is definitely more affordable than traditional marketing. An email can transmit volumes of information to several millions of users at a fraction of a cost. The results can be monitored and tracked in real-time enabling planning and strategizing. Direct communication with your consumers enables a business to build loyalty. The intel on customers can initiate ROI. Multi-device contact being the biggest advantage of digital marketing, it allows the customers to access business information from any place and at any time.

With several means of internet marketing available, the primary choice seems to be the social media platform with millions of people accessing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, etc. Reaching out through social networking sites drastically increases customer interaction and engagement, visibility and conversion rates. Search engines have been constantly revamping their algorithms to recognize content thus giving SEO and SEM strategists avenues to plan rankings and listings to benefit businesses. Similar services such as Google Adwords and PPC (Pay-per-click) enables budgeted advertising for businesses, which is mostly keywords-focused.

Overall, internet marketing is fascinating to customers, diversifies marketing channels and creates brand awareness. Showcasing your business online is serious business due to overflowing digital connectivity, which shows no signs of slowing down yet.

Prediction Of Social Media Marketing For 2015

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With a lot of social media platforms to choose from, you pretty much have to know where you are going before you embark on your journey to get your social media game right. So, where are we heading towards in 2015? While we get our hands on various national and global brands, these predictions are an accumulative personal perspective of what we have experienced.

Pay To Survive On Facebook

As the headline suggests, Facebook is not free anymore! To reach every individual who will make sense you will have to pay. Concentrate on images with 20% text rule! Post less, but post good and allocate a budget per post (precisely a very targeted reach). If you are still investing in a Like Campaign – ensure they are mainly re-targeted or you build a custom audience for the same (build more relevant community than bringing random likes to your pages). Create a content quotient; what is that one thing that will bring people to your page? As the saying goes, it is always first in the mind and then in the market. That ‘one thing’ to change ones perception about a product or a service really does matter.

Blogging Will Get A Priority

Best content is the best SEO! With time, brands will switch from less Facebook or LinkedIn posts to more blog posts. End of the day, driving traffic to website is what social media channels are also focusing on through their ads or content means. So, if your brands have hired SEO professionals or outsourced the same, remember a customized WordPress corporate blog will add a lot of value to your SEO strategies.

Linkedin Contacts Will Help For Lead Generation will become mandate for Business Development Executives, especially in the b2b space! Growing LinkedIn network will only have LinkedIn Contacts and LinkedIn Advanced Search as solutions for better networking with existing contacts. Growing your LinkedIn network at first level will become important for better search at the 2nd and 3rd degree connections + to give better visibility to on-platform publishing. Marketers will consider re-publishing their blog posts on LinkedIn platform.

After the Google+ Authorship was removed, Google+ for brands will become another content dumping platform. A great SlideShare profile can help showcase your expertise and build thought leadership. Twitter is lately innovating the advertisement opportunities. Instagram has gone so mainstream that it is more than just a place to share photos.

Indian Digital Marketing Trends For 2015

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Digital marketing is an impulsive, erratic, and volatile industry. The moment you catch the tiger by the tail, there’s a new tiger whose fugacious tail requires catching. Keeping up with a changeable industry seems like a fool’s errand. The digital marketing in India is still emerging and the trends in this field is almost same throughout the world. Let us review some of the key trends for the 2015 year.

Dominance Of Google Will Lessen

After more than a decade of domination, however, it may be on the decline. Up-and-comers like Duck Duck Go aren’t anywhere near dethroning Google GOOGLE +0.40%. What their rise indicates is that consumers want alternatives — a choice not to depend on Google if they don’t have to. Marketers should take heed. Google is one basket, but it doesn’t deserve all your marketing eggs. Search engine optimization is important, but a searcher can accomplish her goal through more means than just Google.

Social Media Conversion Is Increasing

Enough has been said about the power of social networks. Not quite enough as been said about the importance of social conversions. For ecommerce and lead generation sites, social provides a growing opportunity to improve conversion rates and gain new conversion channels.

More Businesses Opt For Paid Advertisement

Whether you like it or not, you’re going to need to pay for advertising spots. PPC might be dying, but there is also the advent of alternative forms of paid advertising taking its place. Consider Buzztala for instance. Although they provide “organic video ads,” they are still ads. And they still cost money. Rising methods of organic/paid advertising are entering into the marketing methods of some brands, signaling a growing trend.

This list of online trends might sound intimidating. In spite of your fears, go boldly forward. Wrapped up in success is always the risk of failure. I would never advise closing your eyes and jumping headfirst into a trend. The digital marketing space is too fickle for that. I would, however, recommend giving these trends a respectful nod and cautious experimentation. You’ll never know the upside until you give it a try.

Benefits Of Brainstorming Keywords For Your Website And App

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Brainstorming for keywords is the process of generating root keyword ideas. These root keywords are what you will plug into the Google Adwords Keyword Tool or other keyword research tools to generate additional ideas and eventually select an single keyword to target for your niche site.

Use The Google Adwords Keywords Planner

Formerly known as Google Adwords Keyword Tool, the Keyword Planner is great for generating new keywords and finding related keywords. But the true value of this tool lies in providing good keyphrases using your current keyword list. Input the brainstormed list complemented with the competitors’ keywords in the tool to get even more keywords and keyphrases.

An Edge Over Competitors’ Keywords

Even if you have not yet released your app, considering that over 1.3 million apps are available in the App Store, it is highly likely that some are already competing for your future users. First of all, list your competitors. Search the store for apps with similar functionality and theme. Then, look for ones with the same art style. With games, find all major apps with the same mechanics. Consider any ones that your target audience might download as well as ones similar to yours.

Search Suggestions

Another simple way to find valuable keywords and keyphrases is by typing in keywords, letter by letter, in a search engine and waiting for the autocomplete to offer suggestions. The top two search engines to use are Google (on a incognito window), for it is popularity and quality, and the App Store, for its relevance; after all, your users will be using it to find your app.

In the end, these tools are there to help you—they won’t generate the perfect list. Although you must do this process with an open mind, there has to be a minimum level of relevance. There’s no point adding “fish” to a camera app or racing game. Unless you manage to make an app for underwater photographers, or… Fish racing? As you can see, it’s a case by case scenario.

Why E-Mailers Are Still The Most Important Marketing Collateral?

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Businesses and people all over use E-mail ID as their primary digital address till date. Even though social networking websites has taken bigger share when it comes to personal space and for bonding over internet, E-mail remains as the primary communication channel for businesses and official sharing. When it comes to marketing collaterals viz. Newsletter, presentations, E-mail still dominates as the highly used marketing collateral.

Opt-In Email Advertisement

In other marketing collaterals, we could not witness such feature as people themselves opting for getting product related information. In many business websites, one could see the option to subscribe for E-mailers. This subscriber list, when used optimally proves to be completely effective. Because in this case, the visitors (subscribers) themselves choose to know about the product and company. Opt-in email marketing is a method of promotion via email whereby the receiver of the advertisement has accepted to receive it. This method is to do away with the disadvantages of email marketing.

Much Helpful ‘little Data’

With E-mailers, we have almost complete control over the marketing activities, timing and the reach of the marketing activities. When we carry out Email campaign, we will get large amount of little data which proves to be very much useful. This little data will be handful during subsequent practices of marketing activities. Email marketers can improve their plan by analyzing  the ‘little data’ where unique minutes can result in big possibilities.

Personalization And Integration

Easy-to-personalize Email campaign for the subscribers can be created with dynamic content within the email. It could also be embedded with external data based on the preferences of the particular receiver. Another add-on feature is that, it can be integrated with WordPress, CRMs, accounting systems, payment systems, social networking sites and much more.

E-mail marketing has its own set of pros and cons, but the ability to customize it is unparalleled which makes the E mailers stand apart from the rest marketing collaterals. Apart from it, it remains the oft visited place by the clients which could be accessed by the marketers. There is also a sense of affinity when a customer sees a mail addressed and designed directly to them, which increases the conversion rate.

How E-Brochure Ameliorates Businesses Worldwide

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The prevalence of e-Brochure is seemingly increasing. Corporates and businesses are now-a-days opting for the digital rendition of the brochure. With separate website for every business, the online presence of businesses is almost 100%. Similar to this is the brochure of a business or company, which also should be made available in digital platform.

Interactive Content In E-Brochure

The e-Brochures are always interactive both in its content and design. All the e-Brochures can be embedded with web site easily. An e-Brochure has the added benefit of making any website more interactive and the visitors can get a real feel of your brochure. The interactiveness will engage the audience more than that of traditional brochure.

Easier Distribution And Download

e-Brochures are usually quick to download and are available all the time unlike traditional brochures that can get lost in a pile of paperwork. The rate of download depends upon the size of e-Brochure. The e-Brochure on the other hand can sent out as many copies without running out of copies.

Cost Saving And Environment-Friendly

With more and more e-Brochures getting into digital platform, there are no cost associated with printing. Apart form this, there are no delivery costs involved when one sends digital brochure. The e-Brochures are instantly delivered via the company website. As a measure to go green, the e-Brochures are environment friendly by its nature.

Hassle-Free Update And Instant Availability

One of the benefits of an e-Brochure is that when business changes are to be updated, it can be done in one sitting. If it is just a seasonal change then it shall be done quickly without any need for another print. The brochure once made available in internet is instantly made available everywhere in a single click.

There is no variation of opinion on the need of a brochure for a business. The issue is only with the presence of e Brochure, whether it’s needed or not. Another discussion is with the dilemma between the traditional and e-brochure. But, whatever may be the case, e-Brochure is completely useful and proves to be completely useful for businesses.

Digital Marketing Winning Over Other Marketing Types

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The institutes and colleges are even initiating more and more courses related to digital marketing rather than other marketing types. The courses and materials are available for digital marketing more than any other marketing mediums available. Other methods of marketing are not keeping themselves contemporary with that of latest trends on the whole. Whereas digital marketing is at such a stage where it dictates what the latest trends are. The digital marketing is at its peak when the reach is considered. With the whole world going digital in every possible way, the marketers too are jumping on the trend.

The Visual Medium Of Medium Of Marketing

The memory and attention span of people is narrowing like never before. So, the digital marketing seems to serve the purpose of holding the audience attention very well than other types of marketing. The engaging content is found mostly in the digital arena rather than print or paper or any other marketing modes. The conversion rate of marketing too is higher in digital marketing. Thus this seems to e one of the main reason why digital marketing stays at the top.

Digital Marketing Getting Other Types Of Marketing Within Its Fold

Digital marketing is l=no longer a stand alone marketing type. While one type adds value to existing customers by generating higher income, the other builds new customer relationship with the public. The type of marketing has sub-categories like direct or predatory ambushing and also indirect ambushing by association, to name a few among them.

Gone are the days where the word of mouth was the important thing for a business to succeed, but today with the entire world revolving around the words ‘Google it,’ it has turned out more and more complex and difficult to market or boost businesses to get better presentation, perceptions and clarity. Thus digital marketing leads the race, and that too with a big margin. This trend seems to stay same for some years to come.