Attracting Clients Through Case Studies and Portfolios

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There may be several marketing strategies that can be adopted to attract clients which may be part of the essential marketing and digital marketing plan. When businesses try to choose the best web design company for themselves they first look at the portfolio of a company and their case studies to understand how the web design and development enterprise can actually help them. Designing a portfolio and presenting case studies of work done and process implementation in the past can be compelling. Portfolios are critical for web design companies that are looking for potent exposure of their work especially when they wish to expand and expound their brand value. Portfolios are one of the most powerful tools that can guide potential customers with regard to the benefits of choosing a particular web design company. In fact a portfolio display is often regarded as part of the sales process and if designed well can actually force the customer to look through it fully. Case studies for designs can serve as a presentation of the project thereby leading the potential customer to a call to action. Some key elements that can be included in the case studies are:

Screen shots

Images of the work done along with detailed information on project objectives and execution should be included. There could be multiple screen shots instead of just one.

Project overview

A description of the project, its scope and objectives can lead visitors to the company’s portfolio. Customers with similar project requirements can get additional information about the company and its ability to implement the project. The project goals and objectives along with the creative strategy and success metrics can also be detailed.


Listing the details of the services provided by the web design company especially when multiple other teams were involved and the role of the web developing team as part of the project can be helpful. The importance and success of the end result is also to be highlighted.


As ignorant as it may seem, testimonials carry a lot of weight. Potential customers wanting of web design and development services will always review the web design company’s client testimonials, their number and quality of service provided.

Having a meaningful overview for non-readers which is short and precise so that customers can take a quick look and scan through them is always recommended. Describing the reason behind the process and the decision to choose a design, code or content can go a long way by helping the customer understand the company’s services and balance it with their own requirements.

In conclusion, consistent work generation can be achieved by a web design company by documenting their processes and case studies that speak for themselves.

Corporate Branding Strategies For Startups

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“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what the consumers tell each other it is.” – Scott Cook

The brand is the perception of the company more than just a logo or a name. It is the way people and potential customers judge the enterprise. A brand is intangible and does not discuss the products or services rather it projects the personality and image of the enterprise. People value the company on the basis of its branding. With such importance derived from public perceptions, there are many uncontrollable factors that can impact the marketing strategy if the branding foundation is inadequate. The value of worth is discerned on the basis of the brand. As a key component during a startup, branding is often overlooked. Some of the essentials of branding are to build the label right from the first day with an appealing tone and voice.


Distinguished planning is essential before strategizing branding tactics. There should be clarity between marketing, branding and PR so that relevant focus is achieved to develop an approach to brand the startup. Branding involves selecting keywords, fonts, colours, description of the product and identifying it to the market (marketing strategies) and taking pertinent steps to etch these values. PR voices it out into the public domain.

The Logo:

A logo design communicates the essence of the company. The logo will adjust itself to a wide range of environments and visually represent the business.


With today’s increasing customer awareness and real-time accessibility it is absolutely essential for every company to have a website that will speak about the company’s products and services. More imperative is the responsive web design to make visibility available at the customer’s fingertips. Along with the website, choosing the right domain name, registering it and having an email facility will help build brand trust.

Business Presentation:

Corporate business presentations are a way of selling an idea, product or service. Making a visually exhorting presentation that provides a compelling story to capture the audience’s attention is one of the keys to branding. The presentation will capture the audience’s attention to influence personalized decision-making factors aimed at brand loyalty. It is crucial to contextualize the product or service to create awareness first and then lead the audience to execute their resolution.

Business cards, stationery, and other printing collaterals:

Any business’ identity package is incomplete without a business card. To establish brand identity and ensure the preservation of the brand with the physical customer, business cards are generated in the right quantity to create the first connection with the consumer. Letterheads and envelopes along with brochures are printed with the right kind of content that can link the client to the brand.

Overall, it is necessary during a startup to discover unique factors of the business to make the most them. Professional branding and design make the company stand out against their competitors thus creating an engagement with the customer and adding to sales. Collateral designs when professionally designed enhance the company’s credibility in the eyes of the customer. Branding guidelines would be to present the brand effectively and comprehensively that sets the tone of the brand to the target audience.

Perfect Brochure Design For Your Business

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Someone has said rightly, that the first impression is the last impression; this also implies to business stationery. Corporate Brochure is an essential thing for businesses offering products and services. When you meet your potential clients, you can handover your corporate brochure. You can also distribute your company brochures in nearby areas as well as exhibitions and workshops. You can also update your clients for product updates and new launches with such brochures.

Choose A Company With Wide Experience

When you want to get professional brochure design, find the experience company with skilled graphic designers. See their customer reviews for their experience. To design the best brochures, you need to hire an experienced corporate brochure design company to design and print your business brochures. Here is a small guide for how to choose right corporate brochure design company.

See What Type Of Brochures They Offer

Mainly there are four types of brochures, Single Page Brochures (Leaflets), Two Sided Brochures, Four Sided Brochures and Catalogues. See the company that you choose offers all these types of brochure design. The best way to judge the expertise and skills of a company is to see their work portfolio. Check what brochures they prepared for other clients. How was the quality? Also ask for expected work delivery time.

Ask For Samples

Before you finalize company for corporate brochure printing, ask for some samples. This way you will confirm the authenticity of the company as well as you will get the idea about the work they deliver. To impress your audience, you need to use good quality papers. If possible use thick and glossy papers.

Whether you want to advertise or you want to inform your clients about new launches as well as existing products, you need your company brochures ready which also represents your company. You need to design your corporate brochures wisely as they can attract new customers as well as impress your clients.

Tips and Ideas for Simple Yet Stylish Corporate Stationery

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IT guy


The type of stationery you use says a lot about your business and if you want to project a professional image then your letterhead design needs to convey this too. You see the design of your corporate stationery should always reflect the type of image you want people to have of your business. Make sure that you don’t overlook corporate stationery as part of your overall marketing strategy. If you want your stationery to make a strong first impression with your customers and prospects or you want to reinforce your brand identity, give corporate stationery its due importance.

Create the right print materials

In order to market your brand to your target customers, you’ll want to send flyer with your new logo on it, and create display boards that you can show off at local networking events. In addition, maintain a level of professionalism with a personalized presentation folder. Be prepared to describe your business and explain your brand at all times, and always have print products available to pass out to potential clients and customers.

Elegant yet compact Business card is the way forward

Business cards make it quick and easy to communicate with new clients. Business cards include a lot of important contact information — and it can be cumbersome to verbalize a business phone number, mobile phone number, fax number and e-mail address. Business cards are the quickest and most efficient way to provide vital information to another business person.

Start by choosing professional font

Consider your business’s branding and image when choosing. For a modern feel, look at fun options like Coolvetica or Abraham Lincoln. More reserved or authoritative brands may prefer classic fonts like Garamond or Bookman. Look specifically for fonts that have been optimized for print, such as Georgia or Verdana.

If you need various business stationery items, whether it’s business cards, letterheads, make sure they work well with each other. A suite of well-designed business stationery items looks professional and can significantly improve the image of your business. Also consistency will bring simplicity to your corporate stationery by itself.

How E-Brochure Ameliorates Businesses Worldwide

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The prevalence of e-Brochure is seemingly increasing. Corporates and businesses are now-a-days opting for the digital rendition of the brochure. With separate website for every business, the online presence of businesses is almost 100%. Similar to this is the brochure of a business or company, which also should be made available in digital platform.

Interactive Content In E-Brochure

The e-Brochures are always interactive both in its content and design. All the e-Brochures can be embedded with web site easily. An e-Brochure has the added benefit of making any website more interactive and the visitors can get a real feel of your brochure. The interactiveness will engage the audience more than that of traditional brochure.

Easier Distribution And Download

e-Brochures are usually quick to download and are available all the time unlike traditional brochures that can get lost in a pile of paperwork. The rate of download depends upon the size of e-Brochure. The e-Brochure on the other hand can sent out as many copies without running out of copies.

Cost Saving And Environment-Friendly

With more and more e-Brochures getting into digital platform, there are no cost associated with printing. Apart form this, there are no delivery costs involved when one sends digital brochure. The e-Brochures are instantly delivered via the company website. As a measure to go green, the e-Brochures are environment friendly by its nature.

Hassle-Free Update And Instant Availability

One of the benefits of an e-Brochure is that when business changes are to be updated, it can be done in one sitting. If it is just a seasonal change then it shall be done quickly without any need for another print. The brochure once made available in internet is instantly made available everywhere in a single click.

There is no variation of opinion on the need of a brochure for a business. The issue is only with the presence of e Brochure, whether it’s needed or not. Another discussion is with the dilemma between the traditional and e-brochure. But, whatever may be the case, e-Brochure is completely useful and proves to be completely useful for businesses.

The Blend Of Creativity And Corporate Feel For Branding

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The Blend Of Creativity And Corporate Feel For Branding

Any brand building activity needs to be unique for that particular firm or company. It needs creativity and to an extent the corporate feel to it too. If the firm or concern is not too big, then the corporate attribute can be compromised. The startups prefer to be a bit on the lesser corporate style. The designing involved with a company greatly vary according to its size. The style of branding too will be widely changed.

The Tinge Of Creativity Which Makes The Difference

Make sure you find a perfect balance between leading your decisions with creative thinking and business thinking. If one takes over, whether it is creativity or business models, I think you’ll find yourself in unbalanced situations. I think the people we have been most inspired by… are just as talented in their creativity as they are in their business and marketing techniques. Blending your creativity to how the consumer behaviors work and evolve is really the key to being successful.

The Corporate Identity Essential For Branding

One of the things we do to create the corporate culture is inviting a wide variety of artists to show their work in our studio gallery. It’s a great way to transform the studio every few months with an entirely new point of view. We invite the community in for an opening, and in our own small way, give a little something back to the creative community we love.

The fine blend of creativity and corporate feel will result with the perfect output. For this, we need to drive performance in practice, marketing needs to take the lead in building stronger relationships with its partners in the Customer Experience Engine. This means marketers being constantly curious about the needs of other functions, adopting a more commercial mindset and finding a common language. Sales teams aren’t interested in brand equity, but they may be, if you demonstrate how this equity has improved sales performance.

How Smaller Things Like Letterheads, Leaflets And Catalogue Benefit The Big Picture

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The branding is a new concept, which is gradually finding its place among the companies’ list of marketing related activities to be carried over. The branding includes many activities starting from letterheads to public campaign. The benefits incurred from these branding activities are realized now. It is not one of those activities, which show instant results and output. Instead, branding takes time to show some concrete output.

Small is the new BIG

People are increasingly looking at the all round attributes of a company, and the qualities of the companies are considered more or less equal. So, the small things such as letterheads or leaflet will have the equal or only slightly lesser effect as like a massive email campaign or a stall in public place. Moreover, these smaller things have a niche space for them, which can never be achieved by the larger scheme of things. Smaller the thing, more personal will be the marketing effect.

Familiarizes with the public

The active promotion, publicity and marketing at even a smaller scale will have a better and profound impact on the public and the target audience in particular. Large scale promotional activities with long gaps will definitely not be as effective as like active small scale activities. These activities are not only confined to the real marketing, but also include the digital landscape. Another thing is that the smaller activities are mostly more creative than the generic and formulaic larger campaigns.

Slow, but steady

The gradual branding activities of the companies are reaping rich benefits similar to, and at times even more than that of large scale and expensive publicity or marketing activities. The benefits are of course slowly built up by these branding measures. But the audience will have the impact remain unchanged even after long period.

Influencing the Big picture

The direct output expected from any marketing activity (i.e., the conversion of audience to potential clients and then to customers and increase in revenue) also are reaped through these small scale branding activities. The audience is attentive and they can easily find generic and normal content and activities from that of interesting and engaging content or activities. Thus, it is not true that the branding activities do not result in direct output or revenue.

The smaller activities thus are almost always engaging and increase customers and improve revenue. It is not appropriate to neglect that the large scale activities shall compensate for these branding related things. In this fast paced marketing scenario, nothing should be left and taken for granted. So, the branding activities should also be taken care of.