Attracting Clients Through Case Studies and Portfolios

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There may be several marketing strategies that can be adopted to attract clients which may be part of the essential marketing and digital marketing plan. When businesses try to choose the best web design company for themselves they first look at the portfolio of a company and their case studies to understand how the web design and development enterprise can actually help them. Designing a portfolio and presenting case studies of work done and process implementation in the past can be compelling. Portfolios are critical for web design companies that are looking for potent exposure of their work especially when they wish to expand and expound their brand value. Portfolios are one of the most powerful tools that can guide potential customers with regard to the benefits of choosing a particular web design company. In fact a portfolio display is often regarded as part of the sales process and if designed well can actually force the customer to look through it fully. Case studies for designs can serve as a presentation of the project thereby leading the potential customer to a call to action. Some key elements that can be included in the case studies are:

Screen shots

Images of the work done along with detailed information on project objectives and execution should be included. There could be multiple screen shots instead of just one.

Project overview

A description of the project, its scope and objectives can lead visitors to the company’s portfolio. Customers with similar project requirements can get additional information about the company and its ability to implement the project. The project goals and objectives along with the creative strategy and success metrics can also be detailed.


Listing the details of the services provided by the web design company especially when multiple other teams were involved and the role of the web developing team as part of the project can be helpful. The importance and success of the end result is also to be highlighted.


As ignorant as it may seem, testimonials carry a lot of weight. Potential customers wanting of web design and development services will always review the web design company’s client testimonials, their number and quality of service provided.

Having a meaningful overview for non-readers which is short and precise so that customers can take a quick look and scan through them is always recommended. Describing the reason behind the process and the decision to choose a design, code or content can go a long way by helping the customer understand the company’s services and balance it with their own requirements.

In conclusion, consistent work generation can be achieved by a web design company by documenting their processes and case studies that speak for themselves.

Latest Web Design Trends 2016 That You Don’t Want To Miss!

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The web design industry being one of the most creative industries is an ever-changing one. It adapts itself quickly and according to user tastes. Of late, web design companies are adopting flat designs, responsive web designs, fine tuning speed and performance and appropriating attributes that are aimed at enhancing user experience.

Some More Trending Features Are:

Scrolling: More than a trend, this is a dilemma for most designers because scrolling through a website depends on the meaningfulness that contains in it. Scrolling by far engages the user who is a reader rather than a scanner. Most sites opt of minimal scrolling options while others opt for lengthy scrolling. Where long scrolling may feel natural, short scrolls get to the point quickly but are at a risk of increasing bounce rates due to the little information it holds.

Modular Designs:

Mocking up entire pages actually helps get the instant look and feel of the website. But for faster expedition, web designers are choosing to create componential designs that normally focus on search functions, navigation layouts etc. These elements may be used on different screens, to work separately on the rest of the website.

Flat Designs:

Flat designs are not set to go away yet. Aesthetic designs have been replaced by flat surfaces that are more appealing and dominant. Even the Google logo has flattened itself. But the flatter the designs, the more they seem to look alike.

Diminishing Stock Photography:

Stock photography elements started dying as companies are choosing to use their own custom photographs to explain their products. This way the website is personalized and appears less corporate thus comforting the potential customer that visits the site.

Full Screen Forms:

Form inputs that would ideally fit into a small screen where the user enters their details, is now a full screen onlay. This is easier for the user to understand and focus on the task at hand rather than being distracted with other elements running alongside. This is a responsive design practice that renders a user of any device to input the desired data.

Functional Sites:

The average users’ awareness about websites and communication has grown and so has their knowledge. The number of users focusing on the functionality of a website has increased drastically as against the ones that are concerned about how the site looks.

Browser-Based Designing:

Designing in the browser saves on development time and the reactions with limitations of the browser can be easily visualized. This first-hand information helps in resolving issues quickly and arrive a more natural web design rather than the ones created outside the browser.

Besides the above, large backgrounds, video backgrounds and trends of personal branding are growing steadily in the industry. There are several Word Press themes already available compatible to personal branding. Responsive web designs are ever enhancing as more and more companies lean towards instant visibility.

Best Free Bootstrap Templates for 2016

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Savvy money-wrenching choices are not always the best and immediate choice. There are a bunch of alternatives that offer tools, features, plugins and other items that are limitless which can cater to all business specialties. There are several HTML5 and CSS3 templates available with outstanding features which offer user-friendly formats, jQuery sliders and more. A large number of such free HTML5 bootstrap templates even seem like advanced themes. Some of them are:


The main features of the template is that it is lightweight and supported by multiple browsers such as chrome, firefox, explorer 10+, and Opera. It is modern looking, with a smooth navigation, good typography and color themes. It has some subtle transition effects with a clean and spacious design.



For a flat design, that uses CSS3 animations, it is clean and simple.



A theme from Solid is a multipurpose theme that utilizes hover effects, unique fonts and works well with retina display devices. It was developed with a bootstrap 3.1.1 and is now available in a WordPress version. 



Also belonging to it is a one page advertising template which is bold with eye-catching headers. It is sleek, with minimal design and depicts a new style to display a new product. 



Baker is a creative and clean multipurpose design template meant for agencies and professionals. Powered by the bootstrap framework it also contains unlimited color combinations, web fonts and image sliders. It is extremely easy to customize with well-documented files available. 



Maundy getting launched in 2016 is a template built in bootstrap framework. It is simple, elegant, and most of all mobile-friendly. With a multi-purpose usage it has CSS3 animations, a working contact form, multi-browser support and is easy to use.



A fully responsive, free bootstrap HTML5 template, tempo is modern, with image sliders, consists of cross-browser compatibility and limitless color combinations. Created with the latest bootstrap framework it has some amazing features that suit most businesses.



The template is an easy website builder within a few minutes. It is retina-ready, fully responsive, and contains umpteen image sliders, mobile menu, price table, video background and many such features. Bootstrap 4 is hosted by 



Nitro uses bootstrap 3 it has a free collection of templates for a portfolio or a web agency or a corporate. It allows strategy, direction and exploration as customizable options. 


There are several more templates in bootstrap which are amazingly customized and can be tweaked for personal use too.