How To Effectively Use Social Media To Maximize The Reach Of Your Content

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Creating great content is the first half of success in content marketing. Getting quality content read by, and amplified to, a relevant audience is the oft overlooked second half of success. Facebook can be a content marketer’s best friend for this challenge. For reach, relevance and amplification potential, Facebook is unrivaled.

Content Is King

Consistent with other areas of online marketing, content reigns king when it comes to social media marketing. Make sure you are offering valuable information that your ideal customers will find interesting. Create a variety of content by implementing social media images, videos, and info graphics in addition to classic text-based content.

How Google’s Social Media Serves Marketing Needs

Google+ promotes the same fun, casual atmosphere. On Google+ you can upload and share photos, videos, links, and view all your +1s. Also take advantage of Google+ circles, which allow you to segment your followers into smaller groups, enabling you to share information with some followers while barring others. Google+ Communities will allow you to listen into your fan’s feedback and input, truly putting the social back into social media.

Optimize Headlines And Images

All social media marketers understand that an article lives or dies based on its headline and featured image. On Linked In, this principle is taken to the extreme—the way the Linked In interface is laid out places an inordinate amount of importance on titles and images. Having a captivating image that plays nicely with your headline is something you should pay close attention to.

These are merely suggestions to feel present and purposeful when utilizing social media, but they aren’t hard-and-fast rules. Follow your own instincts and have fun with it. If you’re mindful when you’re disconnected from technology, you have all the tools you need to be mindful when you go online.

Mobile Websites Or Mobile-Friendly Websites – The Way To Go

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Mobile optimized websites and building websites exclusively for mobile devices are two different things. Now-a-days, most businesses are going for mobile-friendly templates to build their website. This becomes easier to optimize and design for mobile devices. Now the extent to which a website is optimized for mobile is the case in point.

Optimize Everything- Images, Videos, Text For Mobile

Be sure to strip down the heavy media files that exist on your desktop site, such as videos. Use media queries to re-purpose your desktop site’s retina-ready images into lower res versions. And consider replacing bulky JavaScript libraries like jQuery Mobile with standalone JavaScript. Mobile devices operating under a 3G network are still considerably lagging behind in download speeds and users pay for bandwidth use. Factoring all of this in means that it is crucial to re size, crop and optimize images to best fit the specific device resolution and aspect ratio.

Creating A .Mobi Website Definitely Helps

.Mobi websites are sites that have been specifically designed to be viewed and navigated on mobile devices. Technically any domain can be viewed on a mobile device, but .mobi sites claim superior usability. From a user perspective, .mobi is preferable since all .mobi sites must be optimized for viewing on a mobile device. From a business perspective, there is a solid assortment of both pros and cons in taking the .mobi design route.

Test Your Mobile Website

As with any project, you’ll need to test your mobile website on as many devices as possible. Without owning all these devices, it can be somewhat tricky to find ways to accurately test for each. It will involve a combination of installing the developer SDK for the platform and using web-based emulators for viewing other mobile platforms.

Structuring a mobile-friendly website means rethinking the design process for a variety of screens across multiple mobile platforms. While tablets may be able to handle your full website, screens of smart phones are limited in terms of space, and yours is the task of providing their owners with a completely different user experience, which must be equally good.

Tips and Ideas for Simple Yet Stylish Corporate Stationery

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The type of stationery you use says a lot about your business and if you want to project a professional image then your letterhead design needs to convey this too. You see the design of your corporate stationery should always reflect the type of image you want people to have of your business. Make sure that you don’t overlook corporate stationery as part of your overall marketing strategy. If you want your stationery to make a strong first impression with your customers and prospects or you want to reinforce your brand identity, give corporate stationery its due importance.

Create the right print materials

In order to market your brand to your target customers, you’ll want to send flyer with your new logo on it, and create display boards that you can show off at local networking events. In addition, maintain a level of professionalism with a personalized presentation folder. Be prepared to describe your business and explain your brand at all times, and always have print products available to pass out to potential clients and customers.

Elegant yet compact Business card is the way forward

Business cards make it quick and easy to communicate with new clients. Business cards include a lot of important contact information — and it can be cumbersome to verbalize a business phone number, mobile phone number, fax number and e-mail address. Business cards are the quickest and most efficient way to provide vital information to another business person.

Start by choosing professional font

Consider your business’s branding and image when choosing. For a modern feel, look at fun options like Coolvetica or Abraham Lincoln. More reserved or authoritative brands may prefer classic fonts like Garamond or Bookman. Look specifically for fonts that have been optimized for print, such as Georgia or Verdana.

If you need various business stationery items, whether it’s business cards, letterheads, make sure they work well with each other. A suite of well-designed business stationery items looks professional and can significantly improve the image of your business. Also consistency will bring simplicity to your corporate stationery by itself.

Web Development Trends For Futuristic Businesses

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Website development is witnessing new trends every three months or so. Many blogging websites predicted website designing and development trends at the start of the year. But some of those trends have changed now and newer trends are beginning to surface with the developers thinking out of the box. Here, in this blog I want to list some of the latest trends for the remaining year of 2015.

Moving UI

The user experience design of a website is being given more importance and the transition, effect, Sass mix-ins, CSS animations and easing and many more UI elements are used to its maximum impact for an engaging, intuitive UI design. These motion UI trends started mainly due to paired back design of iOS. More and more iOS improved the user experience with the motion UI and thus it became a norm for good UI. Now users feel that websites with motion UI are those with a good design.

Single Page Websites

The basic and most important advantage with the single page websites are that the users can easily navigate through the entire content and it the easiest way to be simple. Many web designers for long have failed miserably to design uncomplicated, simple websites, which is actually a very difficult task. Single page websites actually makes it easy. It also has a better SEO potential.

Many new design trends continue to emerge with each passing year. Some trends can light a spark in designers both new and seasoned to the field. Web design is now more in demand than ever before, and a good designer should be able to deliver based on current trends and best practices. By studying what’s hip you’ll learn how to craft websites based on the needs of your clients and the needs of the design industry as a whole. Let’s again discuss another set of latest trends at the end of this year. Till then, happy designing!