Reasons Which Necessitates Responsive Mobile Web Design

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Web browsing is now not limited to desktops and laptops alone. Smart phones and tablets are taking over. It can even be said that smart phones and tablets are taking over the space and users who had previously used PCs. So, while designing a website the developer could not resort to the methods which are compatible with desktops alone. The designer should take mobile devices and tablets too into consideration.

Google Prefers It That Way

Google algorithm works in such a manner that it takes numerous factors into consideration while providing search engine page ranking. The amount of time which users spend in a particular website is also considered. If we take smart phones and tablets, if the users are happy the bounce rates will decrease. This will in turn influence the website and SERP very much. Search engines prefer such responsive design and longer periods of stay.

Users Happy With The Responsiveness

According to Google’s Think Insights on mobile, if a user lands on your mobile website and is frustrated or doesn’t see what they are looking for, there’s a 61% chance they will leave immediately and go to another website (most likely a competitor). It’s also said that if they have a positive experience with your mobile website, a user is 67% more likely to buy a product or use a service.

Faster Loading And Better Adoption

With the responsive web design, the websites get to load faster which greatly improves user experience. The faster loading rate is also a major SEO advantage.With the responsive web design, the website adopts itself to various screen sizes and future devices. So, repeated testing and compatibility checking could be avoided and that time shall be spent on other tasks.

Having a mobile friendly website is not an option any longer. It is a necessity if you truly want to experience growth online. If your website is not currently responsive all of your online marketing dollars are going to waste. A responsive website looks good no matter whether you’re looking at it on a phone, tablet, or desktop. So, make the switch and go for responsive design.

Why E-Commerce Websites Should Have Their Own Blog?

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All the E-commerce websites aren’t successful, but all the successful E-commerce websites have their own blog. For instance, you consider multi-national Amazon to our Flipkart, every one among the few successful have their own blog. This is what amazes me, that while it’s a proven fact that all the successful E-commerce businesses have their own blog, still many other E-commerce websites still don’t have and hesitate to have their own blog! So, here am listing down some pointers on why an E-commerce website should have it’s own blog, and how not having own blog will affect the E-commerce website.

You Just Cant Ignore Google

Having own blog for a E-commerce website will increase the website traffic in a manner no other activity could increase. So, the first major advantage of a separate blog for E-commerce website is with search engine optimization. Adding a blog to the E-commerce site will drastically increase the amount of content website contains. The more content a website have, the more it will index—and the more prospective clients will organically find their way to the website.

Engage A Visitor; Make Her A Customer

When a buyer visits a website, he would prefer reading a story about the product or customer experience rather a lengthy description and specifications. But these stories couldn’t find a place in website, and could only be found in the blog posts. Such stories are completely effective, but the problem is with their position. Instead of a website where customers only visit for shopping, the blog can be utilized as a method of engaging customers on an ongoing basis.

An Excellent Platform To Resolve Problems

Many customers are often lamenting about products and some issues about the carelessness. Product pages are oftentimes to the point because they have to be, so that is why blogs are your space to really address different problems and questions. When the E-commerce website answers customer queries and complaints in the digital forum at the earliest, it becomes an excellent experience for the customers.

We hope that the suggestions above will help make your online website the perfect go-to page for potential buyers. With all the time, effort and finances put in to generate your online presence, these minor suggestions may actually help make or break your business. It takes little effort, but goes a long way with its benefits.

Web Applications Going Mobile Is The Way Ahead

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Business application development companies are now-a-days concentrating on developing the mobile version of their software. Microsoft releasing Enterprise mobility suite (EMS) in 2014 can be pinpointed as a major landmark in the adoption and penetration of Enterprise mobility solutions. Even before this suite from Microsoft, other technology companies have had delivered enterprise mobility solutions. EMS provides a comprehensive solution to help enable secure mobile productivity across any device. It also comes with multiple levels of data protection. EMS has a complete arsenal of tools flexible enough to execute wide variety of tasks.

More Companies Opting For Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The market trend makes it evident that the enterprise mobility is picking up. Other testimony to this fact are that the HP had announced a stronger partnership focused on enterprise mobility suite of Microsoft. Other similar suites which are sharing the enterprise mobility market are Okta Enterprise Edition, Airwatch Orange Management Suite. Apart from Microsoft, these suites are also showing increased sales record in recent times.

Right Mix Of Flexibility And Security

The enterprise mobility solutions are almost always integrated with cloud, unless the company specifically opts out of using cloud. Microsoft integrates with Azure, whereas other EMS providers use their own or other cloud services. The cloud storage also seamlessly works with the existing on-premises IT infrastructure. The data protection and privacy is very sophisticated that the encryption is done even at the file level. The shared documents could be tracked anytime, anywhere and instances of data abuse will show itself immediately. There is behavioral analysis, which is automated and shows real-time threat detection with easy call-to-action.

Integration With Cloud

The access to the data and cloud storage is manageable in every aspect. There is hierarchical access at both device and application level. There is multi-factor authentication, self-service passwords to give control over data accessibility. When it comes to device accessibility, desktop virtualization allows using the enterprise applications in data center anywhere, anytime. Apart from this, there is a bundle of applications which is made available for the users by all EMS providers.

The utilities of business application have been positively influencing companies for some time now. With EMS, this gets a notch higher than before. With these applications getting to become compatible in mobile devices, the future of mobility solutions to companies looks upbeat.

Why E-Mailers Are Still The Most Important Marketing Collateral?

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Businesses and people all over use E-mail ID as their primary digital address till date. Even though social networking websites has taken bigger share when it comes to personal space and for bonding over internet, E-mail remains as the primary communication channel for businesses and official sharing. When it comes to marketing collaterals viz. Newsletter, presentations, E-mail still dominates as the highly used marketing collateral.

Opt-In Email Advertisement

In other marketing collaterals, we could not witness such feature as people themselves opting for getting product related information. In many business websites, one could see the option to subscribe for E-mailers. This subscriber list, when used optimally proves to be completely effective. Because in this case, the visitors (subscribers) themselves choose to know about the product and company. Opt-in email marketing is a method of promotion via email whereby the receiver of the advertisement has accepted to receive it. This method is to do away with the disadvantages of email marketing.

Much Helpful ‘little Data’

With E-mailers, we have almost complete control over the marketing activities, timing and the reach of the marketing activities. When we carry out Email campaign, we will get large amount of little data which proves to be very much useful. This little data will be handful during subsequent practices of marketing activities. Email marketers can improve their plan by analyzing  the ‘little data’ where unique minutes can result in big possibilities.

Personalization And Integration

Easy-to-personalize Email campaign for the subscribers can be created with dynamic content within the email. It could also be embedded with external data based on the preferences of the particular receiver. Another add-on feature is that, it can be integrated with WordPress, CRMs, accounting systems, payment systems, social networking sites and much more.

E-mail marketing has its own set of pros and cons, but the ability to customize it is unparalleled which makes the E mailers stand apart from the rest marketing collaterals. Apart from it, it remains the oft visited place by the clients which could be accessed by the marketers. There is also a sense of affinity when a customer sees a mail addressed and designed directly to them, which increases the conversion rate.

How E-Brochure Ameliorates Businesses Worldwide

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The prevalence of e-Brochure is seemingly increasing. Corporates and businesses are now-a-days opting for the digital rendition of the brochure. With separate website for every business, the online presence of businesses is almost 100%. Similar to this is the brochure of a business or company, which also should be made available in digital platform.

Interactive Content In E-Brochure

The e-Brochures are always interactive both in its content and design. All the e-Brochures can be embedded with web site easily. An e-Brochure has the added benefit of making any website more interactive and the visitors can get a real feel of your brochure. The interactiveness will engage the audience more than that of traditional brochure.

Easier Distribution And Download

e-Brochures are usually quick to download and are available all the time unlike traditional brochures that can get lost in a pile of paperwork. The rate of download depends upon the size of e-Brochure. The e-Brochure on the other hand can sent out as many copies without running out of copies.

Cost Saving And Environment-Friendly

With more and more e-Brochures getting into digital platform, there are no cost associated with printing. Apart form this, there are no delivery costs involved when one sends digital brochure. The e-Brochures are instantly delivered via the company website. As a measure to go green, the e-Brochures are environment friendly by its nature.

Hassle-Free Update And Instant Availability

One of the benefits of an e-Brochure is that when business changes are to be updated, it can be done in one sitting. If it is just a seasonal change then it shall be done quickly without any need for another print. The brochure once made available in internet is instantly made available everywhere in a single click.

There is no variation of opinion on the need of a brochure for a business. The issue is only with the presence of e Brochure, whether it’s needed or not. Another discussion is with the dilemma between the traditional and e-brochure. But, whatever may be the case, e-Brochure is completely useful and proves to be completely useful for businesses.

Which Social Network Leads The Social Media Marketing Race?

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More and more users are increasingly getting to use social media websites. Another thing is that the users are more and more relying on the social media websites to make their decisions. Because of this, the companies and businesses round the globe are performing social media marketing and optimization. But on the other hand, the number of social media platforms are also increasing steadily. This puts the companies in a fix on what social network to target and market.

The Difference In User Base

The users are getting diverse every moving day. The target audience for all businesses  are spread across more than one social media platform, which makes it very difficult for companies to plan their social media marketing. Currently, on its stats page, Facebook claims 800 million active users. Another issue is active and inactive users, where counting active users make sense. It can help filter out people who might create dummy accounts for spamming social media networks, or to secure vanity URLs or those who signed up but maybe never went back.

Selecting The Social Media Targets

Whether you’re active in social media or not, you already have a presence there. Customers, employees, suppliers, vendors, and even competitors are already talking about you on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+. In fact, 49% of web users will make a purchase this month based on recommendations they received through a social media site. SMM incorporates social, environmental, and economic costs and benefits into decision making and helps you readjust the strategy and tactics to meet goals.

Consumers are online every day talking about their wants, needs and experiences with businesses. Social media monitoring lets you listen to this invaluable information, interact with customers to keep your reputation spotless, and keep a leg up on your competition. The social media website in which they discuss might only vary, but the fact that they are discussing is undisputed. But, on an overall note Facebook has the largest user base and highest amount of marketing volume followed by Linked In and Twitter in some cases. Google + is striving hard to follow the pack.