Tips For Ui Design Of Desktop Applications

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Desktop applications and soft wares are still the main stay. The users for the desktop applications are the highest in number. So, it becomes difficult for any type of design to satisfy all of them at one go. Thus the user interface and user experience designing of the desktop applications are tough compared to others. In this post, we discuss about the useful tips focused specifically on the UI design for desktop applications.

Mouse Keyboard…Now Touch

Touch refers to using one or more fingers to provide input through a device display and interact with desktop applications. A touch-optimized app has a UI and interaction model designed to accommodate the larger, less precise contact areas of touch, the various form factors of touch devices, and the many postures and grips users might adopt when using a touch device. Some time before, UI designers only took mouse and keyboard into consideration. But, with the advent of touch screen the whole designing has revolutionized.

Tiles, Icons And More

The biggest change in desktop computers is definitely the all new flat user interface design language used across many instances. While pretty much all gradients and shadows got removed from UI elements, the sizes of commonly used design elements got changed in some cases as well. With windows, the tile feature is still calling the cards. The graphical user interface is also gaining importance and hold over the desktop applications.

Design With The Desktop In Mind

Desktop apps are rich and have a full set of capabilities for communication and access to the host operating system. In the case of applications, you will need to consider things like keyboard buffers and type ahead, to ensure that users coming from an emulator are not slowed down by new technology.

The desktop softwares are distinct from games and other applications running in other devices. They have a different method of usability and hence ought to be completely customized for the desktop experience. The other general tips on UI – understand that design is about how things work, not just how they look and then pay attention to what users do, not what they say and finally a little study goes a long way.

Digital Marketing Winning Over Other Marketing Types

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The institutes and colleges are even initiating more and more courses related to digital marketing rather than other marketing types. The courses and materials are available for digital marketing more than any other marketing mediums available. Other methods of marketing are not keeping themselves contemporary with that of latest trends on the whole. Whereas digital marketing is at such a stage where it dictates what the latest trends are. The digital marketing is at its peak when the reach is considered. With the whole world going digital in every possible way, the marketers too are jumping on the trend.

The Visual Medium Of Medium Of Marketing

The memory and attention span of people is narrowing like never before. So, the digital marketing seems to serve the purpose of holding the audience attention very well than other types of marketing. The engaging content is found mostly in the digital arena rather than print or paper or any other marketing modes. The conversion rate of marketing too is higher in digital marketing. Thus this seems to e one of the main reason why digital marketing stays at the top.

Digital Marketing Getting Other Types Of Marketing Within Its Fold

Digital marketing is l=no longer a stand alone marketing type. While one type adds value to existing customers by generating higher income, the other builds new customer relationship with the public. The type of marketing has sub-categories like direct or predatory ambushing and also indirect ambushing by association, to name a few among them.

Gone are the days where the word of mouth was the important thing for a business to succeed, but today with the entire world revolving around the words ‘Google it,’ it has turned out more and more complex and difficult to market or boost businesses to get better presentation, perceptions and clarity. Thus digital marketing leads the race, and that too with a big margin. This trend seems to stay same for some years to come.