The Thin Line Between Search Engine Optimization And Spam

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Keyword stuffing is the term for the website being banned by major search engines due to hyper active search engine optimization activity. The team behind the search engine optimization will not get to know about this consideration by the search engine till they are being banned or labelled as spam. So, it will be best to prevent such consideration as spam. Let us know more about the keyword stuffing and how to prevent it from happening.

The Web Of Spamdexing

The search engine optimization team ought to be careful during their activities. The major search engines have well set guidelines to optimize and market their website or product. The spamdexing is an important pitfall where even many experts fall into. While doing indexing and other such activities related search engine optimization, they tend to over do it. The final result will be that of spamdexing. It is a web, and if once caught it becomes difficult to get that label removed.

Spamming The Social Media

The social media marketing is also an important and associate activity of SEO, whereas it acts on a different platform. The social media too is sensitive, and labels a page or account as spam when the owner tries to over use it. The social media tends to block the particular account completely on detecting spam. So, in a way social media should be handled with more care than that of search engines. The blocking is at times done in social media if the particular page is being spammed by multiple users. So, the SEO team should also be careful not to disturb other users.

Mismatch Between Title And Content

The meta keywords, description and title are what the search engines get to see and scan. So, usually the content is being readied by a dedicated creative team whereas the title and meta attributes are done by the SEO team. The SEO team doesn’t get to know the actual purpose of the content and they only consider getting the page ranked higher and how to get more traffic. This will mislead the users at times. This will lead to quick back button and lesser time spent on the page. Search engines will detect this and label the website.

Thus the line between the search engine optimization activities and getting labelled as spam or getting blocked is getting thinner. The experts should gauge their activity every once in a while to safely get away from this. But the search engines and social media do provide more chances to correct the work done. So there are chances to get the error corrected.

The Blend Of Creativity And Corporate Feel For Branding

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The Blend Of Creativity And Corporate Feel For Branding

Any brand building activity needs to be unique for that particular firm or company. It needs creativity and to an extent the corporate feel to it too. If the firm or concern is not too big, then the corporate attribute can be compromised. The startups prefer to be a bit on the lesser corporate style. The designing involved with a company greatly vary according to its size. The style of branding too will be widely changed.

The Tinge Of Creativity Which Makes The Difference

Make sure you find a perfect balance between leading your decisions with creative thinking and business thinking. If one takes over, whether it is creativity or business models, I think you’ll find yourself in unbalanced situations. I think the people we have been most inspired by… are just as talented in their creativity as they are in their business and marketing techniques. Blending your creativity to how the consumer behaviors work and evolve is really the key to being successful.

The Corporate Identity Essential For Branding

One of the things we do to create the corporate culture is inviting a wide variety of artists to show their work in our studio gallery. It’s a great way to transform the studio every few months with an entirely new point of view. We invite the community in for an opening, and in our own small way, give a little something back to the creative community we love.

The fine blend of creativity and corporate feel will result with the perfect output. For this, we need to drive performance in practice, marketing needs to take the lead in building stronger relationships with its partners in the Customer Experience Engine. This means marketers being constantly curious about the needs of other functions, adopting a more commercial mindset and finding a common language. Sales teams aren’t interested in brand equity, but they may be, if you demonstrate how this equity has improved sales performance.

The Next Dimension of E-commerce is here – Social Media Shopping!

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Making an online surfer, one who browses online for passing time to a potential customer, and after some to a customer is no mean task in this information era. The growth of E-Commerce has been gradual for a while now. The E-Commerce websites have been cropping every now and then. Apart from the global E-Commerce giants, there are many regional and national level startups and companies.

Connect with the seller; not the middlemen

The traditional buying and selling of products is mostly done through the stores, which are actually the middlemen between the manufacturer and buyer. But in the digital landscape, there are some sites where the sellers are actual manufacturer or producer. There is also the facility to contact with the seller directly. So, the main problem of lesser contact between buyer and seller in E-Commerce is becoming baseless. The interaction will only increase from now on, as the social media is also getting integrated.

How peer review influences buyers

In the social media, the buyers are not only buying. They are suggesting, reviewing and influence their friends and other buyers. An info graph says that more than seventy five percent of people in online are influenced to either buy or not buy an item. The Amazon review is valued much online. So, the social media shopping need not be always associated with a social networking site, and it can be even an E-Commerce website.

Brands encourage users to post online

The companies and sellers are increasingly encouraging the users to post online about their experiences on buying and using a product, albeit with the belief that they will post positively about the product. The celebrity influence on the other hand is diminishing. Both in terms of endorsement and personal reference, the celebrity influence is diminished. The brands have also changed their action plan, where they encourage users to post online.

Highly personalized social shopping

The online and social shopping experience is getting highly intimate. The user choices and history is maintained, which is used as the base material for the suggesting a new product for a particular user. At times, the users buy the items which they had no idea or had never thought of buying before being suggested by the seller.

The actual shopping in the real world itself is getting highly influenced by mobile and digital. The users review contemporary brands before buying and share the pictures after taking photos while shopping. So, the digitization and the venture of social shopping is becoming inevitable.