How Smaller Things Like Letterheads, Leaflets And Catalogue Benefit The Big Picture

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The branding is a new concept, which is gradually finding its place among the companies’ list of marketing related activities to be carried over. The branding includes many activities starting from letterheads to public campaign. The benefits incurred from these branding activities are realized now. It is not one of those activities, which show instant results and output. Instead, branding takes time to show some concrete output.

Small is the new BIG

People are increasingly looking at the all round attributes of a company, and the qualities of the companies are considered more or less equal. So, the small things such as letterheads or leaflet will have the equal or only slightly lesser effect as like a massive email campaign or a stall in public place. Moreover, these smaller things have a niche space for them, which can never be achieved by the larger scheme of things. Smaller the thing, more personal will be the marketing effect.

Familiarizes with the public

The active promotion, publicity and marketing at even a smaller scale will have a better and profound impact on the public and the target audience in particular. Large scale promotional activities with long gaps will definitely not be as effective as like active small scale activities. These activities are not only confined to the real marketing, but also include the digital landscape. Another thing is that the smaller activities are mostly more creative than the generic and formulaic larger campaigns.

Slow, but steady

The gradual branding activities of the companies are reaping rich benefits similar to, and at times even more than that of large scale and expensive publicity or marketing activities. The benefits are of course slowly built up by these branding measures. But the audience will have the impact remain unchanged even after long period.

Influencing the Big picture

The direct output expected from any marketing activity (i.e., the conversion of audience to potential clients and then to customers and increase in revenue) also are reaped through these small scale branding activities. The audience is attentive and they can easily find generic and normal content and activities from that of interesting and engaging content or activities. Thus, it is not true that the branding activities do not result in direct output or revenue.

The smaller activities thus are almost always engaging and increase customers and improve revenue. It is not appropriate to neglect that the large scale activities shall compensate for these branding related things. In this fast paced marketing scenario, nothing should be left and taken for granted. So, the branding activities should also be taken care of.

Latest Trends of Newsletter E-Mail Marketing

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Latest trends of Newsletter E-Mail Marketing

Though many years have passed by since email marketing started, still the personal feel associated with them hasn’t faded away. Another exclusive attribute is the ability of newsletter to form a personal connect with the readers en masse by sending to a bulk group. It reveals the human face of an organization. The marketing content, when limited to a certain extent results with extraordinary conversion rate. Let us see the evolution of email newsletter and its upcoming trends.

It Is Not Only the Content That Matters

The email marketing during its initial phase had the singular motive of conveying the right information. Then came the presentation, then the engaging content. Now-a-days even if your email marketing content is good and engaging, the design of the newsletter will only interest the reader and make him read the write-up without trashing or neglecting it. When the designing part is taken into consideration, the ribbons usage is a thing of the past. The design should be adaptive and responsive.

Link It with Overall Marketing Strategy

The email newsletter marketing has no purpose as a standalone marketing step. Its real purpose is achieved only when the desired call-to-action is done by the user. Another thing is that the landing page of the email newsletter in most cases will be the only page which the user sees. So it should be utilized to its maximum extent. The other marketing measures should act with and along with the newsletter campaign.

Newsletter Campaign Is Worth Its Effort

The newsletter campaigns are not that easy to pull it off, but if it is executed successfully will reap rich benefits. The address book ought to be customized afresh for each and every campaign. Using the same set of email addresses for all set of campaigns will turn out to be redundant. Optimizing the content and address book simultaneously will improve the conversion rate.

Personalize the Email, At Least Pretend

The email newsletter was first thought as a replacement of mail marketing. So initially it had the same personal touch, greeting message as like mail. But in due course that particular aspect completely changed. The bulk email campaign became the norm because of the effort which personalization demanded. But the personalization will become highly beneficial. So at least naming the person, his city will interest the reader a bit.

Video Emails Are On the Rise

The video emails are another way of interesting the reader and giving a personal feel to the mail. The habit of viewing videos frequently and the YouTube visitor count is continuously on the rise for quite some years. So anything that involves video at least makes the reader to click on the content and get to know the full content. At last, the thing is that most email newsletters are sent, because they asked for it. So, as the marketing campaigner don’t make them regret the decision to subscribe. The email newsletter may not be prime marketing tool at present, but it definitely is one of the tools to reckon.

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