Attributes of the versatile WordPress CMS

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WordPress, since its release in 2003 under GNU General Public License has gained both in terms of market share and user base. Now it is the largest Content Management System with nearly one-fourth of top 10 million websites using WordPress. Apart from the websites, the CMS also powers numerous blogs. These blogs are both associated with a website and stand-alone blog sites.

The journey so far for WordPress

Its initial first version got its public release in 2004. The subsequent version got released in the next year itself. This second version made the WordPress Content Management System firmly cement its position among its CMS competitors. Then afterwards, in 2010 a major update came with the version three. The version after five years was futuristic in all its aspects. The latest version is Dinan, which got released two months back has been securing rave reviews since the release.

Latest tools and features of WordPress

Though the WordPress CMS updates are quite intermittent, the regular flow of plug-ins from many sources are consistently improving the functionality of the Content Management System, and keeps it abreast with all the trends. With regard to its competitors, the WordPress CMS almost always stays a step ahead of them. The latest plug-in to release during the writing of this post is ‘Hello Slider’. It helps make more professional looking, sleek and smooth slides for the websites.

Benefits of WordPress CMS

The pillars of WordPress as far as I go are its ease of use, diverse multi-purpose plug-ins and active support community. Some have an opinion that other major CMS such as Joomla or Drupal have all the features which the plug-ins of WordPress offers. Since they offer these facilities with the basic version itself without the need for plug-ins, they are better than that of WordPress. The availability of templates for almost all purposes and the intuitive menu management option are some other distinct features of WordPress.

Reasons for choosing other CMS

Though at the outset the functionalities of WordPress seemed to be simpler and impose an image as though it can be done without professional training, the further modifications on the line of removing a data field require knowledge of php and some other languages. On the graphics front, its modification requires knowledge of CSS and HTML. Then the security of php scripts and the actual content in the website are not that sophisticated when it comes to security.

It has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, with the advantages more than that of disadvantages according to me. After all, almost of the World uses WordPress!  The dynamic nature and at the same being simple to use, adapt makes WordPress stand out amidst the crowd. But before designing a website and choosing a particular CMS, must ponder over his requirements, offering of various CMS and then only choose a CMS instead of directly opting for some market leader.

The elusive return on Investment in Social media

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The social media management and marketing is slowly picking up pace with the increasing number of users and the increasing number of social networking sites. So the companies are vying to book their slot in the social media platform and cement their social media reputation by building a strategy. The social media, primarily Facebook is encouraging sponsored ads in place of free pages, profiles. So the companies invest in the Social media marketing, where some witness easy return of investment, whereas some finds that return of interest in very less proportion.

Increasing prevalence of Social media in local business

The people are more and more opting for social media for deciding their business needs. In order to cater to them, increasing number of small and medium level enterprises are going social in addition to going mobile in terms of their service. Apart from the small and medium sized firms, large corporate giants and big companies are performing their own social media marketing for building up and maintaining their brand value.

Need to invest in multiple social networking platforms

The sole authority of Facebook no longer holds true. An Increasing number of social networking sites are gaining relevance and user base in various geographic locations and user profile. So the social media budget has increased due to this issue too. To shortlist and select the most profitable social network is becoming a challenge now-a-days.

Quality Content becomes costlier

The simple investment in social media marketing definitely is not seeing a good return on investment. Only along with the engaging content which grasps the user attention the social marketing strategy completes and becomes profitable. Another issue is here the firms mulling over whether to go for a professional and permanent content writer, or outsource the writing work to a freelancer. Based on their specificities and social marketing budget, they finally resort to either of the two ideas.

Real-time Marketing has an edge

But the increasing share of social media management and marketing is that the real time results and real time marketing are high on this platform. This attracts those who are looking for quick gains and returns. Another market reality is that the spending in the social media is on the rise with no second thoughts. This raises another issue of distribution of that spend both geographic wise and user profile wise. Getting to know these trends, the social media management and marketing can be made more focused.

The actual spend on the social media marketing is on the rise continuously for consecutive years. The issue here is that while some find favorable return on investment, some others do not. If the case study on these predictions is carried over in detail, then the method to gain that higher return on investment can be found out.