What is it that your Content Management System can provide you with?

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Before dwelling into the utilities of Content Management System, let me explain what Content Management System is all about. CMS acts as the foundation of numerous websites, including larger ones of Newspapers and Governments. The Content Management System basically provides the structure for each and every content present in a website. The content can be a word document, image, video or any other possible content.

The Content Management System organizes the web content. But it can also publish, edit and delete the web content. The reason for the widespread prevalence of the CMS is due to its avoidance of hand coding, though it supports hand coding for some special features. CMS first came to the market in the late 1990s, and has evolved throughout so much so that its present form is completely metamorphosed from its starting point.

Diverse availability of Content Management Systems

The mushrooming of Content Management Systems has led to a situation, such that the need for Custom-made website is at its lowest point. Because with the diverse amount of Content Management Systems providing wide variety of services, all the needs are fulfilled by one CMS or other.

So before going through what the Content Management Systems provide, understanding what one needs from the website allows him to choose the CMS which will be more suitable to him rather than going behind the market leaders. All CMS are built on top of separate Content management frameworks.

Basic Utilities of the CMS

Content Management System can be termed in simple terms as a ‘website maintenance tool’. It takes care of the overall administration of the website without the use of any programming or markup language. The three basic components of most CMS are the collaborative content repository, presentation templates and a server for cache. The content database stores page content, metadata and all page assets. The presentation layer has the templates, the manner in which the content is displayed.

Specific additional functionalities of CMS

Some Content Management Systems provide easier Search engine optimization tools. Almost all CMS provides email hosting and blogging services within it.Based on its build the services differ with each CMS. Apart from the services a CMS provides, there is a specific CMS2CMS service, which makes moving the site content from one CMS to another easier.

The main players in CMS

WordPress has long been the market leader among the Content Management Systems for a  long time with about 50 % market share. It is followed by numerous systems as Drupal, Adobe CQ and Joomla among others. The usage statistics of these CMS are wavering throughout based on their recent performance and updates. So one should wisely choose the CMS based on the suitability rather than the top rankings.

The Content Management Systems are updating itself time and again to sustain the throat cutting competition. So the utilities and cost effectiveness will become better without doubt. So, it comes to that point where ‘What we provide to the CMS?’ becomes more important than that of ‘What CMS to choose based on what it provides?’

Desideratum of a professional UI Designer

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With the open source CMS and free templates, everybody can design a website themselves. But, does the website meet the idea which was previously in the designer’s mind and has an easy to access User Interface? That knack of converting an idea into an efficient website will not happen in a day. The professionalism needs training and relevant experience. But it shows itself in the output.

Why the stress on User Interface
Interface means ‘Common boundary between / shared by two bodies’. So an effective user interface, though must possess many attributes, the most important is the perfect balance between what the seller wants to present, and what the user wants to get. Now-a-days with an ever-updating technology and design, the balance itself is changing continuously. How to achieve that fine balance?

Microsoft comes up with Tiles, Android showcases as a stack, Apple makes its users to slide through the screen with a minimal single button. Here comes another issue most sellers encounter. With these many interface models, what really is better and which suits me the best?

Husband works on the Computer, Wife uses Tablet, Son is having a smart phone. Though all the three persons work on different devices, they use the same website, application. For a seller having all the three in his target visitors, he has to take all the devices and their platforms into consideration while designing the UI. How to incorporate all these ideas, elements while designing a single UI?

With so many domains, categories and possibilities of navigation, every seller has umpteen ideas of how to present his information. But questions like where to start, what should lead to what most times would get an indecisive and inaccurate answer. How to effectively, yet present piles of information in an easily understandable simple manner?

Where the professionalism comes into the fray
All the web designers, whether a starter or trained professional, everyone faces these questions before working on a project. But it is the manner in which the professional player tackles and reaches the finishing line makes them stand apart.

Even if you designed a website out of interest and with the intention that ‘I know my needs better’, you can redesign the website and its user interface from a professional website designer who has expertise right from Graphics, color combination, Content management till Search engine optimization.

This blog post posed some basic questions every client encounters while thinking of designing a UI. Still, there are many precise, trivial questions related to website designing. Reach a designer, get it solved. You will be benefited in the long run.