Secrets Tips to top your site

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Are you worried about the “No traffic” to your website? Do you want to make your site more popular? Unless your webpage is seen among the top results of a search engine, nobody will know that your webpage exists. Internet already consists millions of websites and hundreds of websites are created every day. Hence, it is quite tricky to bring your site in the list of top search results. Here are some secret tips to top your site

Tip #1: Content
Content rules the world of webs. Hence, appropriate contents should be added by maintaining uniqueness and originality. In addition to this, the content should be regularly updated along the time frame. If the contents of your website are updated frequently, visitors have another reason to return and bookmark your site and search engine crawlers will visit your site more often.
Make sure that you add little content at least if your website only sells products. If yours is a selling site, then you can add user reviews, product description etc. which make the website visitors to rely on your site for more information thereby increasing the traffic towards your site.

Secret #1
The first paragraph of your content determines the effectiveness of your site. Search engines catch the first paragraph and the readers eyes first move to the start of the content. Hence place important keywords into this paragraph and making sure it is well written so that it can help improve your rank and will decrease your bounce rate.
Apart from all the content, it is highly important to add catchy relevant pictures. The more attractive and colorful the pictures are, more is the interest of the visitors in your site.

Tip #2: Domain Name and Title
For any website to be published, a domain name is required. Make sure to choose a trendy and tipsy domain name so that the users can remember your site easily.
Most of the search engines use the web page title to display search results. Hence, be smart enough to put the keywords in the title of every page of your site.

Secret#2: Putting all the keywords into one single sentence will increase the promotion of your website or blog.

Tip #3: URL
When linking to your webpage or folder on your web page make sure to end the URL with a slash. For example, and both point to the same address. However, the link without the slash causes the server to redirect the request, which will slightly decrease the load time and may decrease your page rank. Keep in mind this is only done for directories and not for files.

Secret #3: Navigation and layout
A visitor will quit immediately if he is unable to navigate through your website. Studies have shown the typical view time when first visiting a page is two to four seconds, visitors who do not immediately realize how to navigate the site or see what they want will immediately leave. Internet users know that if your page does not have what they are trying to find there is plenty of others that will.
In addition to all this, make sure that the main page links to all sub pages and vice versa. To make navigation more easy use custom search engine scripts that can reduce the navigation and search time of your visitor.

Tip#4: Follow the KISS concept
KISS (Keep it Simple and Short) is a popular concept for reminding people and companies to keep their information and products simple. Rarefly always tries to adhere to the KISS principle. Below are some general KISS principles to follow when designing a website, software program, or other product.
KISS your Website

• Keep your layout spotless, reliable, easy to read, and easy navigate for all types of visitors.
• Don’t overload the website with images, Flash, and other distractions.
• All primary content should be on the first page. Avoid any vertical scroll to see primary content and never make the user scroll horizontally.
• Break up text. All text everywhere on website should be broken into easy to read paragraphs and sections.
• Make the primary sections of your website and search accessible with a navigation bar or links on each of the pages

Finally grade your website or blog by using online tools such as nibbler, Alexa or URL appraiser.
While these tips are sure to make your way to the top results of search engines, there are many more thing that experts can help you out with. Rarefly is one of the forge in building websites that can divert a huge traffic to your website.