Important tips to create a great UI for a video streaming web development

Posted by | Posted in Website Development | Posted on 23-07-2014

Given the number of video streaming websites mushroomed in the web, it is quite difficult to develop one with unique features and capabilities. Most of them look more or less the same with most of the homepage occupied by a featured video or an introductory video welcoming visitors. This conventional look, though good doesn’t help you much to make your website stand out from the crowd. Instead of the traditional design, you could go for a new interface and new features that will create an interest among your visitors to come back for more. Some of the ways by which you can achieve this are listed below.

Promote sharing:

It is one of the prominent features you should have on your website. If you provide easy ways to share your videos, they will be shared by many viewers and hence bring more traffic to your website. A prominent part of your traffic may have reached your site by clicking on a link shared by their friends. So, offer them easy ways to share. If they don’t find a way to instantly share your videos, chances are they will not take the time to look around for sharing options and thus your video will be shared less compared to what it could have been otherwise.


Search function is essential for a video streaming website. There may be several categories of videos and a visitor searching for a certain category may also watch videos in other categories if only you lead them in the right way. An easy and subtle way is the search category. The search bar could also give them suggestions about what kind of videos they may be interested in by autofill options listing out related videos. Also, observe what keywords users use to search for their favorite videos and use the most used keywords in the list so that users find it easy to get their favorite videos.

Video Player Type:

There are different types of video players available. However, not all users will have support for your type of video player on their device. In order to cater to the needs of all of your visitors you could give them options of video players that are supported on their devices. For instance, some viewers may prefer HTML and others may want Flash players. If you provide them an option to choose the kind of video player they prefer, they could enjoy watching your content more and also recommend it to their friends.

Supported File Formats:

The next important thing is to support as many file formats as possible. Not all uploaders would have the same format you support. To let them share their creative content on your platform and give your visitors the best of all worlds, install support for all formats or all the major formats possible so that all types of video creators get a chance to host content on your website.

Featured Video:

All websites have featured videos and he is where you need to take extra care. Decide on a strategy based on what you will list out featured videos. It could be great if you let your audience choose how they want the featured videos to be listed. For example, whether they want to see the most watched videos or most commented videos.

These are some of the ways in which you could make a great interface for video streaming websites. Everything right from deciding on the strategies and objectives of the website should be done with great care so that the user interface comes out just how you wanted it to. Rarefly offers excellent web development services in the video streaming arena. Utilize our expertise to get your video streaming website designed by change-makers in the market.