6 Essential Elements Of Your Honored Business Websites

Posted by | Posted in Website Development | Posted on 21-04-2014

Honored Business Websites

The internet has come of age. There is virtually there no business that can survive without a web presence and that includes your grocery and drug stores down the street. The number of websites in the internet has proliferated beyond description and like in real life, only the fittest survives. Typically any website is a combination of different elements and those with a right combination of elements make it to the top.

There are literally hundreds and thousands of elements that you can include in any website, but some are absolutely essential. Without the essential elements your honored business website is just another junk there with no one patronizing it.

Here are 6 essential elements that your business website cannot do without. You will be happy you included them.

  1. Keep navigation as simple as you can. As a businessperson we understand that you have a lot to say for winning new customers. The more you want to say, the more links you need to keep in your website. You can keep every link you want, but make navigation a simple affair.
  2. Entice your visitors to take action. If all your visitors come and go without doing anything, then the purpose of your website is lost. So constantly remind your visitors to take one or other action. When they do, they convert and make money for you.
  3. Make your website design attractive. This is by far the most important element of your website. You need to include the right color combination, make it safe for users, and provide information that users can locate intuitively. Locate links where it is traditionally kept. Important links should be displayed at strategic locations that cannot be missed. You should consider using collapsed and hover-design features to add punch to your website.
  4. Include captivating content. Avoid overzealous selling. The harder you try to sell your product, the lesser they convert. Instead replace, hard selling with information; that is what customers are looking for. The selling part should be done toward the end, and remember it should be subtle and in low tone. Graphic and video content make lasting impression. You can possible include some DIY videos related to products you sell on your website.
  5. Include a blog in your website. Without a blog you will never be able to feel your customers’ pulse. If your product or packaging needs changes, here is where customers will advise you about it. A blog on your website is a great place to advertise and help visitors get acquainted with what you sell. Make the link standout from the rest. The blog on your website can also serve your visitors to a peek view and give a glimpse of what is happening around. It is a big attraction you cannot afford to miss.
  6. Integrate your website with social media. To be found exclusively through a search engine page results is a tall order. You need money and resources which may not be available to your business, and the easiest way out for businesses in this kind of situation is to tap the potentials offered on social media. Make it a point to include social media buttons in your website. The more media you have, more likely are you to convert visitors in customers.

An important but often neglected aspect in websites is making it intuitive. Experienced website designers like us should be able to tell you more about its importance. Rarefly has extensive resources and skill sets you will not see elsewhere.  To learn more about including the essential elements and making it rock, visit us here.