How to Build a Mobile Website?

Posted by | Posted in Mobile | Posted on 07-01-2014

A mobile website differs from a normal website in a lot of aspects. You have to give special attention to every element of a mobile website and keep ensuring that users find it easy to navigate through your mobile website to get the information they came in search for. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when you decide on the theme of your mobile website and the content that will go on your website. What goes on your mobile website will have the chance of getting many people’s attention in a very short time. Therefore, you will not want to make any changes later with the important information you’re sharing. I’ve compiled some important points that I have found helpful over these years of web designing.

Theme: Choose a simple theme that is simple and has room for the content. Use background pictures with much thought because people do not want to see complicated designs on their mobile websites.

Links: Do not overuse links on your mobile website because the little available space is of much value and you wouldn’t want to waste it on displaying links.

Ads: Try to avoid having ads as far as possible. Though you may get a lot of returns for placing ads on your mobile site, do not risk having ads on your mobile website.

Colors and Fonts: Do not use too many fonts. Also, try to avoid fancy fonts. Many mobile devices do not support fancy fonts and so if you use them, the user experience will be severely ruined. You can also make another option available for such users. However, not all users will have the patience to take a redirection to another page where they can see your page in normal font. So, it is best to avoid fancy fonts. Instead, you can save them for your normal website.

Content:Choose content carefully for your mobile website. As far as possible, try to use the same words that you have used on your normal website because that will provide users with the same kind of experience that they get on your main website. Also, if users feel familiar, they will tend to stay longer on your website.

Images: Minimize the user of images on your mobile website. When it comes to images on your mobile website, less is more. Use images only when necessary and also avoid using big images because people will not want to wait for your site to load. Also, when you use big images, the user might have to scroll to see the whole image. This is not what you will want and so use light images only at necessary places. Minimize the size of even the logo in order to save space for other content.

Code: Use fluid layout as far as possible. This will adjust the size of the website automatically to fit the screen size of the user. Though it would cost more for you, it is worth every penny you spend on it. Never think twice on investing on a fluid layout as the advantages are much more valuable than the cost.

These are some of the areas you will have to take immense care of when you design your mobile website. Use short and crisp content and avoid lengthy content so that users will not have to scroll. Provide a navigation menu to different pages and important features on every page so that users can easily jump to pages they want to use the most, which will also help you a lot in tracking the success of your content.