7 Tips to Prepare an Effective Presentation

Posted by | Posted in Presentation | Posted on 24-12-2013

Presenting something in front of an audience is always viewed as a tough ordeal but the truth is that it could be interesting to both you and your audience if you do it the right way. Some people look for vivid pictures or fun facts to include in their presentation to make it attractive while it is totally unnecessary to make a presentation interesting. Instead, what you need to focus on is the content of the presentation that will capture the interests of your audience. No one in your audience is going to consider it interesting just because you have nice pictures in the presentation. In short, your presentation should be something more than pictures and fun facts. Let’s see how to make your presentation effective.

Useful Information

The first question you have to ask yourself before preparing a presentation is what’s there in it for the audience. To get the right answer to this and the right content for the audience, you should do a research on the audience. Though an extensive research is not needed and possible, you can think about what kind of information will be helpful. You can provide answers to their questions which you know they will be interested in asking.

Use Pictures with Caution

Pictures actually enhance a presentation. People tend to remember pictures more than text. Therefore, you can easily make it effective with the help of pictures. But care has to be taken as to what kind of pictures you are using in your presentation. Are they relevant to the theme and topic? Are they descriptive? Do they support the information you have shared in a complementary way? If you are able to answer in the positive to these questions, then you can go ahead and include the pictures you want to add.


Colors play a vital role in the presentation. A light background with a deep colored text is usually preferred. However, do not hesitate to try new things by using the latest color trends. Make sure that the text is readable without the audience having to squint. People won’t enjoy your presentation if the color contrast of the text and background is bad.

Precise Words

Explain your information in a precise manner. Write short sentences and highlight important points that have to be remembered. Maintain formal tone whenever necessary and do not overuse symbols and exclamations. This will help you create a serious mood among the audience and hence you can deliver your message effectively.


If you are going to deliver the same presentation to different groups of people, you must customize the presentation to fit every group’s needs and mindsets. For example, if you are going to present it to people of different countries, then include some geographic information if possible and use a tone that their culture welcomes.

One Slide- One Idea

This is a great concept that works well for all types of presentations. See that each slide focuses only on a single idea. When you explain the slide, talk only about the information you’ve shared in the slide. This will help you effectively put across your idea to the audience. Also, you will get the necessary attention and avoid confusions.


Most presenters ignore the Notes feature. You can include vital information that you can’t miss sharing for each slide in the Notes part. It will help you make it very effective because you won’t have to pause in between and you can do it more confidently.

These are some of the ways in which you can easily design a presentation in an effective way. Take care not to include all the information as text in the slides. Make it in such a way that the presentation wouldn’t be understandable without your explanation. Thus you can capture the attention of your audience.