Bright Flat Colors – The Rising Trend in Web Design

Posted by | Posted in web design | Posted on 10-10-2013

The trends of web designing change rapidly as new concepts are being introduced. The latest trend that has all the buzz is the use of bright flat colors. The colors that are used in a website play an important role in determining the amount of time visitors spend on the site. Colors that are very sharp to the eyes repel visitors and have very less traffic. Also, they fail to get the attention of visitors. Pastel colors were preferred when HTML5 was introduced. The numerous possibilities that came with HTML5 made the use of pastels complementary to its features. However, the trend that has gained popularity now has proved that bright colors can look good on a website if muted. Yes! An impressive number of websites now use these bright flat colors and look too good to be ignored.

Why are these so popular?

There are various things you could do with a website design with the use of these bright but flat colors. These colors are achieved by muting the pastel or neon colors. These colors give the website a subtle and pleasant look which improves the readability of the website. Also, these colors evoke a friendly mood in the visitors, which is very advantageous for website owners. Thus, you can connect better with your visitors if you use these bright flat colors in your website. In addition, even using multiple bright flats doesn’t spoil the look, instead enhances the look. Another point to be noted here is that you can also make your website look spectacular by using just one color in different shades. Therefore, there are several things you can do with the use of these bright flat colors.

How to use them effectively?

  1. One of the most popular trends in these bright flats is the use of white font over pictures or background. A subtle colored background picture or a bright flat background goes well with white font. This also looks classy and attractive, eliciting the attention of visitors.
  2. You can use capital case letters to enhance the appearance of the headings on your web pages that appear over a bright flat background. Capital case lettering over these colors appear professional and creates an interest in visitors to read more.
  3. There are also a large number of websites that use multiple bright flat colors to look revolutionarily good. These designs made using different and contrasting colors look not only trendy but also professional. This will definitely enhance the look of your website.
  4. If background patterns are your choice, you can still use these colors and have subtle patterns. Subtle patterns will never let you down. Moreover, these bright flat colors mute the patterns too and look neat without clutter. Thus helping you have an attractive website.
  5. When you use these bright flats, you can mix HTML5 and CSS3 and create cool effects that were never possible in the past. What’s more, these designs when mixed up and presented with bright flat colors look awesome and become a feast for the eyes.

Website designers have got an opportunity to impress their clients with these bright flat colors and the various looks they can help create. Therefore, you can rest assured that your website will look cool with these colors and get more organic traffic. Choose your palette and give your website a facelift today!