Top 5 Awesome HTML5 Website Development Tools

Posted by | Posted in Website Development | Posted on 19-09-2013

HTML5 has redefined the flexibility with which developers can create a website. Also, it has raised the bar for other languages to catch up with the trend HTML5 created in a jiffy. This made many website owners redesign their websites using HTML5. HTML5 added more ways to convey a message, has given us more tools to make navigation easier, and made the stay on our websites exciting for the user. All these were possible without much adapting-to-it time because it’s the same old HTML language that has been in use since the Internet came to existence but with just some changes. There are a zillion HTML5 tools to pick from. I’ve introduced 5 tools here which will make it easy for you to develop awesome websites using HTML5.


Making your text look good on your web page is fairly important. WYSIHTML5 helps you edit rich text to the format you want. You can make your text content exciting by editing it using the tools available in WYSIHTML5. It is compatible with a variety of browsers including early versions of Firefox and Chrome. However, with IE, it works with only versions 8 and above. One strong reason why you would want to use this is that it helps you prevent theft of your content by using XSS because it uses iframes to edit your text.


Being able to generate a sprite sheet in no time and being able to customize it to your requirements is one of the privileges you need to have as a busy developer. Stitches help you generate sprite sheets with the desired images at the click of a button. You just have to drag and drop your picture and click the “Generate” button or you can import the picture into the tool to generate marvelous sprite sheets for use on your website.


Doing the new is the latest trend. If you are a creative and innovative developer, you would have already found yourself in a position to find new ways to integrate audio files to your website. With Speaker, it is very easy for you to add audio files to your website. What’s more, you can make it slim and sleek and easy for the visitors to control the playing of the file. This is one feature you can’t do without if you are a HTML5 developer.


Providing a good video isn’t just enough to make your website stand out. You also need to provide an interesting way of playing the video. It will add more value to your video if your visitors see cool video frames. Videojs lets you control the appearance of the buttons and the ways your video is played. Also, it lets the video to be played even on browsers without java support.

HTML5 Please

Using HTML5 for your website is very rewarding. But, not all browsers accept all the features. If your user based research tells you that your users do not have the latest versions of browsers that support the features you want to use on your website, all the hard work behind developing those features will go down the drain. Therefore, before using a feature, check with HTML5 Please to know which browsers support these features.

There’re plenty of tools that make developing a website with HTML5 more enjoyable. I’ve given the top 5 features that are not only helpful but also must-have for any developer in order to make his job interesting. Also, these tools help you express your creativity by offering you developer-friendly environments.